Wire Winners

Now……. Team Pugh don’t very often win competitions. This may be because we are unlucky or more likely as the saying goes ‘you’ve gotta be in it to win it’! Oh yes you have to enter competitions in order to win them! Now a few weeks ago Becksie was on Twitter and spotted a little competition so…… she went over to this lovely blog and had a little read! Now in order to win these little beauties you simply had to leave a comment saying why you liked the look of the lovely wire baskets. So…… Becksie shouted Ian to come up with some kind of witty comment! This he did………. His best effort was ‘I like wire ware because…… wire wouldn’t you’ ! Becksie thought this was weak but worth a shot and added her two penance worth saying that she liked them because they looked industrial! We thought nothing more of it until……… we got a tweet to say we had won!

Image courtesy of emerald nest - we only wish we could make this baskets look as beautiful and be this neat hehe

Image courtesy of emerald nest – we only wish we could make these baskets look as beautiful and be this neat hehe


So a few days ago we received our parcel from the lovely Grace at Emerald Nest and were thrilled with our lovely wire baskets…… ‘wire wouldn’t we be indeed’! So thank you very much ….. and we also got a lovely canvas shopping bag which will be very helpful for us supermarket free beings.

Now……. Like anything new you want to give it pride of place and we have been considering how best to use our lovely new baskets.




Cat bed?

Clearly not the vat is way too big for them :)

Clearly not the cat is way too big for them 🙂

Designated craft area (DCA)?

In-tray (for all the stuff we need to do)?

wire 4

The truth is we couldn’t decided, but given that by the time Lizzie goes to bed the living room often looks there has been a small explosion flinging toys and books far and wide we have adopted one for toy and book storage – easy to clear away the Armageddon left by Lizzie and all stylishly stored away until the next day…………

wire 2

The other is earning its keep as a in-tray / Folly Dollies WI information repository – which is much more satisfactory than the previous home we had for it on the arm of the sofa, which invariably ended up being pushed over the side by Lizzie / the cats / the ghost dog (but that’s another story)!

wire 1

Not only do the baskets look great they are helping with our resolution to get ourselves more organised – perhaps we should make next year’s resolution to enter as many competitions as possible!!!


6 thoughts on “Wire Winners

  1. Hahaha, love that your cat got in on the action 🙂 Glad you’re happy with your winnings, you guys definitely deserve it xxx

  2. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog every day. Your ‘year without supermarkets’ project is fascinating and I am thoroughly enjoying about the joys and challenges. You also sound like a lovely family.

  3. Wow, these are truely fab, I love the neat handles. They would also make lovely planters or hanging baskets. Im glad you have won these, you deserve them. :o)

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