Running out of Granola

granola 1Regular readers will have picked up on the fact that we aren’t huge cereal eaters since we went supermarket free. We used to have a cupboard full of bright boxes in but these days we occasionally munch on museli that we bought a few weeks back and we are still eating the huge bag of oats that we bought before Christmas. However a few weeks ago we treated ourselves to a lovely bag of posh granola! Now this granola was a recommendation for our lovely new friend Sandie and we have not been disappointed – it is delicious. You may also notice it had a great name – ‘Lizi’s Granola’ – although the silly people spelt it wrong!granola 2

Now unfortunately today saw Becksie reach the end of the packet – booo. As its £25 shopping week it seemed like all luxuries were out of the window until………. Becksie read the back of the packet and had a sudden realisation that as lovely as this granola is in the spirit of ‘more with less’ she should make her own!

So she went on a pantry raid and produced some flaked almonds, some peanuts, some oats, some banana chips!

granola 3

Now at this point Becksie thought hard and decided that granola was sort of broken up flapjack so she heated a big clump of butter and a generous amount of dark brown sugar until they were melted together.

granola 4Simple then, a mix of the pantry raid went into the pan and it was stirred until everything was coated.

granola 5

The mix was laid on a baking tray sprinkled with a little more sugar and cinnamon.

granola 6Baked at 180c until golden brown – we’d guess it took about 25 mins but….. we checked it every 4 -5 mins as we knew it could easily burn but…… forgot to note the exact time. Of course this ‘recipe’ could be made with loads of different things – maple syrup and pecans, apricots, sultanas, walnuts, coconut, chocolate chunks – a million different combinations.

granola 7

We then allowed it to cool, added some raisins and put it in the empty granola packet.

granola 8

Of course we amended the spelling error on the packet!

granola 9

Yummy! We can’t believe we’ve never done this before, hats off to you if you already do this and if you don’t please consider it before paying large amounts of money for something that is that easy to make!

Is it breakfast time yet?


20 thoughts on “Running out of Granola

  1. I started doing this regularly about 6 months ago when I finally got fed up with packets of cereal. We’ve tried lots of different variations, including a rather nice version that includes apple (or pumpkin) puree.
    I’ve made muesli for years and I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to realise granola was just as easy!

  2. Buy fruit nuts and seeds in bulk from Suma. Much cheaper. I really must get my finger out and make some granola.

  3. This looks great. My mum used to make her own cereal about 30 years ago, mixing rolled oats, sultanas, crystallised ginger, dehydrated apple, bran flakes, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. She used to mix it in a huge pot and as I always got the job of cutting up the ginger and apple with the kitchen scissors. Well done (again!) Team Pugh!

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