Fair Enough!

Hopefully most of you remember that for this week’s shop we cut our budget to £25, and whilst we managed to get all of our food shopping for the week easily within this we faced a dilemma when it came to some household essentials we needed – £1.23 to purchase toilet roll and washing up liquid, or more realistically toilet roll or washing up liquid. In the interests of basic sanitation we plumped for the toilet roll, however this did pose us with a washing up liquid based issue!washing up 1

So without washing up liquid how were we going to clean our dishes for the week? Ian had once heard a story that washing up liquid and shampoo had the same properties, save for some extra parfum in the shampoo, however we were not too sure about putting this to the test.

Ian had a quick scout about on the tinternet and found a couple of recipes for homebrew washing up liquid, and in true Team Pugh style he found that whilst he didn’t have all of the ingredients for either recipe, he did have some of the ingredients from both of the recipes, and low and behold………Team Pugh 3000 Washing up liquid was born!!

So………..guestimating the quantities to fit into our empty bottle the various ingredients assembled were:

850ml of boiling water

1 tablespoon of soda crystals

1 tablespoon of grated soap

1 tablespoon of vinegar (we used our lovely citrus vinegar)

2 drops of lavender oil

A squeeze of lemon juice

washing up 2

The method is easy, put the boiling water into a large bowl, add all the other ingredients and mix well. Let the ‘broth’ cool and decant into your old washing up liquid bottle and voila –homebrew washing up liquid is complete!

washing up 4

And so the big question, does it work?

It doesn’t froth up particularly well, however it smells good and the pots come out nice and clean – definitely a good result, and great that we had all of the ingredients in stock, so essentially free!

washing up 5

We will need to take Grandpa Pugh, the king of washing up, a sample so that he can give his official verdict!


33 thoughts on “Fair Enough!

    • Thank you – it doesn’t look as pretty in the bottle but works well – keep meaning to try your deodorant recipe – as a real test before we try it can you wear it to our soft play date hehe

  1. What a good idea! Detergent is also very bad for wildlife, I’d often thought shampoo doesn’t look much different from washing up liquid!

  2. Well done you! I’d have taken the easy option and used the shampoo 😉. To make it froth better have you tried swishing the water in the sink back and forward quickly under the running water? If you see what I mean. I always do it with washing up liquid and bubble bath as I think you can use less and get plenty of bubbles. But maybe I’m just a bit weird 😯!

  3. Good job, I’ve been using home made washing up liquid for maybe a year or so. My recipe is actually quite similar to yours. 🙂

  4. I once ran out of shampoo and used washing up liquid.It worked ok so I think they must be similar.

  5. On the bubbles front, I wonder if we’ve been conditioned by the manufacturers to equate bubbles with cleaness – just a thought!

  6. Looking forward to receiving my sample although I may have to dunk the washed dishes twice in clean water,

  7. I remember being taught in Chemistry class that the bubbles are effectively added to the mixture because we think we need them, so you are probably better off without!

  8. Well done on your recipie. Sodium Laureth Sulphates (and other nasties) are added to almost anything from Shampoo, soap, washing liquid etc to mouthwash to make them foam. Its not nice stuff and if you can get used to stuff without it in then its much better (for you and for marine life and lots of other flora and fauna).
    I have a couple of toothpaste recipies from my go to book when Im making my own lotions and potions, if you want them you can direct mail me on twitter.

  9. The washing up liquid industry actually developed an additive especially to provide foam. It is remarkable just how much we link foam to cleaning power. It has nothing to do with anything other than “fooling” the consumer. Cleaning comes from the power of the detergent, the proof of the pudding is in the grease dissolving properties, and nothing to do with foaming agents. Well done for an awesome compromise……..

    • Thank you – it has been very good. Our next idea is to try to make some out of washing nuts which we recently discovered and are brilliant. Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  10. An Italian frine d of mine says his mama always used the water left over from cooking pasta to wash the dishes!! Waste not want not, huh?

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