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£25So yesterday saw us take part in Earth hour – Lizzie enjoyed her lovely sleep and Ian and Becksie went for the resting and relaxing option, by fire light we drank a beer, Ian played on his playstation thingy ma bob (a very rare treat these days) and Becksie caught up on a reading a few blogs. The cats took advantage of the fact that we were sat on the sofa and relaxed as they used to before they constantly had to avoid Lizzie wanting to stroke them / lay on them. The hour past quickly and we are pleased to say we took part in a global event from our very own living room. One of the other reasons it was so nice to sit by the fire was that earlier in the day Team Pugh had braved the freezing cold weather to go and do our £25 shop.

£25 5

So how did we find it? Do we think we will go hungry? Did we do a meal plan before we ventured out? What are we going to eat? Questions, questions!


£25 6

We are used to shopping on a budget of £50 so we have already mastered the art of budget shopping but……. if we are honest our usual budget also allows us to buy some luxury items (fancy pants oil, cream, chocolate, nuts, fancy mustard to name a few) so these were the first items to be sacrificed. Shopping on this budget did feel more challenging but it didn’t feel like a problem more a test of the skills we have learnt from our new way of shopping.

So do we think we will go hungry? Absolutely not in fact for our £25 we got a great deal of food (and we have quite a few vegetables left from our big fruit and vegetable stock up last week). We know we have some batch cooked meals in the freezer but we are going to try to not touch these this week, we are feeling quietly confident that we will be ok. We have also remembered that this week Ian needs to take packed lunched with him to work.

Did we meal plan?? Still no! We know that for many people meal planning is a must but we still haven’t got to grips with this (we are working on this with the Make do and Menders – promise posts someday). At the minute our style of meal planning is to have a general idea of the things we could make and for this week we did seek some twitter and facebook advice for cheap meal ideas and best buy meat purchases.

What are we going to eat?? Well lots of vegetables, homemade bread and chicken in several forms, homemade cakes and snacks  – the possibilities are endless. We will try to keep you up to speed with how we use the £25 of shopping we purchased.

Ok ok enough is enough what did we buy and…… what did we spend?

£25 1

Well our first stop was the fruit and vegetables stall where we purchased:

£25 2

20 potatoes

5 carrots

1 swede

1 golden beetroot

1 cauliflower

11 mushrooms

1 bulb of garlic

3 cooking apples

6 bananas

1 small punnet of raspberries

£25 7

Then it was over to the most fabulous cheese stall that we are delighted to have found – this stall had cheese a plenty and was very reasonably priced. Now we did go a wild in the cheese aisle but……. we love cheese! Cheese is also great for making cheap meals, bulking out soups etc. So we got:

A block of dorset blue

A big block of mature cheddar

Some goats cheese

A block of brie

£25 3

Then it was off to the deli where we got:



Milk (the milk debate still continues and we still feel very bothered about having to buy milk that perhaps isn’t the best in terms of price for dairy farmers but…….. we are researching and trying to come up with solutions).

Then it was on to see the butcher where we opted for a small chicken.

All of this totalled £23.77 and we still had £1.23 in our hand! Now you may remember a little while back we added cleaning products and loo roll to our £50 budget. Well……. we had run out of loo roll and washing up liquid! So after careful discussion we decided to opt for a loo roll purchase (Becksie did not fancy cutting up newspaper) and went to the really useful shop in Faringdon where we purchased 4 rolls for £1!

£25 4

So all done for a total of £24.77! That’s 23p to add to our savings and…… £25 to go to Food for thought. We are also delighted to say that since posting about our donation we have also been delighted that some of our readers have decided to match our donation – firstly the lovely Sandie of Jam ring, idiot biscuit and hot choc bun fame, Grandad and Granny Gray, the lovely Hmk71 (who’s children who make and sell flapjack to raise money for charity – how cool is that) and the lovely make do and menders! Amazing! A huge huge thank you to all these lovely folk.

Oh and stay tuned to find out our solution to the no washing up liquid issue.


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  1. Haha! If anyone is under the illusion I have perfect children, let me reassure you they’re definitely not 🙂 But they are very generous and thoughtful, which I guess more than makes up for their other…foibles!

    Well done on sticking to your new budget. In the newspaper a couple of weeks ago they featured a blog called http://agirlcalledjack.com/ You’ve obviously got plenty of ideas, but if you feel the need for inspiration it might be worth a look- lots of frugal recipes.

    Also, you might want to try what the Americans euphemistically call ‘family cloth’ before you resort to cutting up newspaper…it will reduce the amount of loo roll you get through at least 😉 (And you thought the laundry detergent question opened a can of worms…!)


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