More With Less

Now we recently received a lovely gift in the post, a copy of the More With Less Cookbook, from a lovely lady called Pam, who has known Becksie since she was wee. This great book has given us some great ideas to make our food stretch even further, which is useful considering that we have decided to slash our food budget for next week to £25…..

More With Less

Those of you who have followed our blog for a while will know that this is the punishment for breaking any of our rules, don’t worry though, we have certainly not broken any!!

The slashed budget is also to do with the lovely Pam, as she sent us a copy of an email earlier this week that got us thinking. The email concerned Pirang in the Gambia, where Pam and her husband David have been visiting and helping for some time. When Pam visited in February she took some of our Dress a Girl dresses out to distribute, and it was great to see photos of some of the girls wearing them!

Wedges and wardrobe fail 1

When Pam was there she visited the local nursery school which was founded to provide good quality preparation for 4-6 year old children before their next stage of education in primary school. A vital feature of the school had been the provision of a meal for the children, who might otherwise not eat during the day, given the limited income in the Gambia and the choice many parents face between sending their children to school and eating. Sadly, because of the recession, since September 2012 the school have not been able to provide these meals. The kitchen and the lock up storeroom now sit empty.

This makes us really sad and realise how fortunate we are, we have enough to eat and live in a country where access to healthcare and education is a right, not a privilege.

Thankfully however, there is something that we can do to help. Following Pam’s visit to the nursery Food4Thought was born, a project to provide meals to the nursery for all children. There are 100 children at the nursery in Pirang, and amazingly it costs just £25 to feed a child lunches for a whole year.


Perhaps you can see where we are going………we have decided that we are going to cut our budget to £25 this week and instead of saving the money we haven’t spent we are going to pass it on to Food4Thought to provide a meal everyday for a year for 1 of these 100 children.

Some early pledges have been made to ensure that meals will be available for first two months, and continued donations will hopefully keep the meals going for the rest of the year.

If you wanted more information on Food4Thought the full details can be found here, including details of how you can help if you want to!

We hope you have a great weekend!!!


16 thoughts on “More With Less

  1. Well done again Team Pugh. A cheap meal idea, potatoes made into wedges tossed in oil and dried herbs and or garlic in oven 220 degrees about 20-25 mins. then mushroom(6) tomatoes(2) chopped and fried off in frying pan, add whisked eggs to make omelette cook and serve.or cheese omelette if you prefer! Its also quick!

  2. £25 is what we currently have to live on (to include groceries) a week for at least another 6 weeks, so I am very interested to see how you get on – Im currently living on pasta, potatoes and bread and making sure OH has a decent meal every day. Good luck.

  3. I mentioned in one of my comments that my son had raised money by selling flapjack. He did it initially for Shelterbox- his Scout troop were all given £1 and had to make it grow in 3 months- but recently he and his sisters have been making flapjack together and selling it at our small village market to raise money for a different charity each month. I reckon they make about £25/month from the table (we couldn’t sustain taking random orders for longer than 3 months!) so I’ll suggest this as their next charity.

  4. Amazing idea. We shall try to have a ‘living out of the store-cupboard’ week and send our £25 to Food4thought. Well done Teampugh

    • Thank you ever so much – delighted we are now up to £125. On the post we did if you click on the bit that says to find out more right at the bottom of the flyer the address can be found xx

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