Happy National Budget and International Happiness Day

Well, well, well its budget day and Mr Osborne has been telling the nation the way it’s going to be.  He’s going to ‘level with people’ – oooooohhh!

So not only is it budget day but……. it’s international happiness day (ermm interesting) so we thought as an aid to provide happiness and yet be topical we would come up with the Team Pugh budget.

budget 1

First things first, we would introduce  a supermarket tax, 1 pence for each pound spent in a supermarket, with the tax income to be split 75/25 between the treasury and UK farmers, food producers and independent retailers, either in the form of tax breaks or subsidies. This would translate to a 1.4 Billion pound windfall, or just over £1 Billion to the treasury and £400 million to UK farmers, producers and independent retailers. Not only would this have a significant impact it may just make people consider going supermarket free a little more!

trolley hand

Secondly we would use some of the revenue from the supermarket tax to allow local councils to provide 2 hours free parking on market days to allow townsfolk to visit and patronise both the market and their local retailers (we are very lucky in that our local council already gives 2 hours free parking every day of the week to help boost local trade)!

budget 2

And finally we would introduce the much talked about tax break for married couples with young children, where one working spouse received some of the tax allowance of their stay-at-home parent spouse, thus freeing more parents to stay at home with their children, and spend the odd day a week visiting their local markets and independent shops!

To be fair to Mr Osborne according to the BBC’s budget calculator we will be £273 better off next year, which means a cool £5.25 per week more in our pockets, YAY!

And before people jump on our basic knowledge of economics and suggestions for the running of the country we will just point out that the above budget is at least partly tongue-in-cheek!

In other news, and on the subject of personal budgets, our budget for next week’s shop will be slashed in half to £25, don’t worry we have not broken  any rules, and we will share the reasons why we are doing this soon!

This will also be good training for Live Below the Line, a great project to live for just £1 a day per person for 5 days in April, again watch this space!

And finally we came across another great project today, WWF’s World Earth Hour, when at 8.30 pm on Saturday the whole world (in theory) will turn off their lights and cut down on their energy use, and hopefully go a small way to saving the planet! This will also hopefully save us a few pennies on the ‘leccy’ bill, at least we will be able to see a bit in the firelight!


6 thoughts on “Happy National Budget and International Happiness Day

  1. Hmm, unfortunatley the first point (which I like btw) wouldnt get past the Gravytrain that is Europe as they have it in for the UK Farmers and would do anything they can to bankrupt them.
    Id also like to see tax breaks for married ( call me old fashioned) couples without children who live below the ‘poveryt’ line. We put off having children as we wanted to wait until we could afford them, then it didnt happen for us (I ‘lost’ two which werent planned). We sacrificed our family (if you will) and we still havent got enough to live on.
    I love your free market parking days idea as well, but thye would never go for it in our neck of the woods.
    Am looking forward to hearing if you can live off £25 a week, thats about what weve got for the forseeable future as well, so Im tending to save the proper food for the OH and live on carbs (pasta, jacket potatoes and bread). I hope you do better than we are (but Ive no doubt you will).:o)

    • Thank you for your comment, we also agree that married folk without children also deserve a tax break. This project has really helped us realise that money isn’t everything and we hope you will enjoy our mini challenge and find it helpful

      Lots of love xxx

  2. Fab blog budget and international happyness day what a weird contradiction. Cute photo.
    Interesting idea on the team Pugh budget.I do feel supermarket,s would pass on any costs to customers.
    Cant wait to see £25 budget on an independent shop that,s just food?
    I agree married couples allowance some may say old fashioned but single parents get support and tax breaks too and allows low income couple no kids to benefit. I am dismayed by recent changes of scrapping child benefit for single 60k income but 2 parents earning 49k keep. new chid care help only availiable if both parents work over 10k each and on incomes up to 300k! All its done is pit working parent against stay at home mum. Feel very undervalued and and believe in fairness for all

  3. I love your first and third ideas. However, your second one would just not work where I live. Parking is already a nightmare even though people have to pay – we have to frequently park over a kilometer from where we live and then walk the rest of the way. We have no driveway and not even any residents’ parking scheme in my town! If parking were to be made free throughout the town, even on just one or two days a week, this would be an absolute disaster. Town councils need to sort out their other parking problems first before they even considered offering something like what you propose. I’d suggest more park and rides for towns like mine that already attract a large number of visitors.

    • We are really lucky this works in our town but sounds like it would be a nightmare for you – back to the drawing board hehe – thanks for reading

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