20 weeks gone!

20 weeks 3Don’t get excited theres not another Pugh on the way but….. we are 20 weeks gone! That is 20 weeks have gone since we last set foot in a supermarket! We are now well and truly in the swing of this local shopping experiment and we love it!

20 weeks 1This Saturday we stopped in nearby Witney and did our #local shopping in less than 30 minutes! We love Witney market as the fruit and vegetable stall is:

a)      Huge

b)      Extremely good value

c)       The market traders are uber helpful

d)      The fruit and vegetables are very fresh

e)      The fruit and vegetables are also excellent quality

f)       There is a lot of choice

All of the above make us happy shoppers! As our freezer was getting a little low on stock we decided to do a big fruit and vegetables shop in order to do some more batch cooking. After visiting the fruit and vegetable stall we went over to the butchers where we purchased a whole chicken, some chicken livers, 6 pork and chive sausages, 4 rashers of bacon, some cheddar cheese and some pork dripping.

20 weeks 5

20 weeks 2We were delighted to see the butchers was EXTREMELY full of shoppers – perhaps the whole horse meat scandal has done some good after all.

Then it was just milk, teabags and cream from an independent newsagent and we were done. A very healthy shop that came in at a respectable £43.66!

20 weeks 6The possibility of meals for the week is endless – there is something very exciting about having a kitchen full of amazing food and we feel very grateful that we are able to buy such lovely quality food. From our 20 weeks thus far we have come to realise that how we obtain our food nowadays is not only much cheaper for us but much more exciting. It is incredible how beautiful this food looks and tastes and when we think back to our shopping of yesteryear we feel sad that we didn’t start this journey years ago.

20 weeks 4We also feel very please that the amount of rubbish we generate has become very little and even more pleased that we now produce NO food waste – unless one counts banana skins and egg shells hehe! All our peelings feed our chickens who we can proudly announce have finally started to lay eggs again!!


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  1. I have to congratulate you as I think you’re doing really well managing without a supermarket. My own ‘experiment’ of only buying meat and veg from independent stores almost fell by the wayside this week, but I’m glad to report didn’t! I’m so used to having my shopping delivered that for me it’s more effort to make a journey to the shops to buy food. And last Monday I had a ‘not very useful’ experience locally which annoyed me a lot (will tell you the story another time!). And I have a big ‘buying milk locally’ issue too (another story – tell you what, I’ll send you an email and fill you in with my stories!). For me, it’s not the shopping for evening meals that’s the hard bit, it’s buying enough food to feed the boys when they’re hungry at times other than mealtimes (which is a lot if your name is Archie !). I have been baking loads but there’s only so many hours in the day; toast – good, but not always; and with the holidays approaching fast there will be lunches and more time at home to fill up hungry boys. And desserts too – that’s another area where I struggle. Again, it’s not me that’s bothered but Ed and Archie love pudding; Ed doesn’t eat fruit so that’s not an option, cooked desserts are fine occasionally but take time so we end up with ice cream (a very big favourite), yogurt-type desserts … which gets costly and hard to find for a reasonable price other than a supermarket. Any ideas gratefully received for easy, low cost snacks which are filling, and desserts too! And not bananas as they are hated by all three of us here xx

    • Hiya, look forward to your email 🙂 We also need to book another meet up. I guess at the moment it is easier for us as Lizzie is only teeny tiny xxx

      • I sympathise with the 12 year old bottomless pit! Barney can eat for England but still looks like a pipecleaner!

        I find scones are good- quick to make, a change from bread and don’t have to be sweet. They freeze well too; I sometimes make scone ‘pizzas’ for lunchboxes. Naan/pitta bread pizzas are also good for snacks. Just spread with tomato puree or pesto, add toppings and cheese (Italian or Indian!) and cheese and bake in hot oven 5-10 minutes. You can freeze (homemade) naans or pittas and they defrost fairly fast.
        I mostly make my bread in a machine and the fruit bread setting has the same amount of sugar as a regular bread, but added dried fruit and spices so it feels more like eating cake (Hot Cross loaf, I suppose). My lot can demolish an entire loaf after school…
        Barney loves popcorn (so do his sisters)- usually just a sprinkle of sugar or salt, but sometimes we’re more creative. I’ve seen a recipe for bacon popcorn I want to try, and also a TexMex topping- lime zest, garlic salt and chilli powder! He also eats it like cereal, with milk. Cheaper and less messed around with…(Interesting science experiment- get a cup of (popped) popcorn and a cup of milk. 1 by 1, add the popcorn kernels into the cup of milk. They don’t displace the liquid! Apparently it’s the only thing it works with. And then you can eat the experiment!)
        My 3 like yogurt but I buy or make plain yogurt and then add my own things to it- again, cheaper and less packaging on the whole. It’s either served in dollops(!) or can be layered like a trendy desert in a jam jar, depending on who’s making it. Add raw or cooked fruit (for Archie), jam, honey, crumbled biscuits, granola, cereal, oats, sponge cake, seeds, grated/chunked chocolate,dried fruit, jelly….
        Finally, if yours like celery, have you done ‘ants on a log’? Celery stick filled with cream cheese or peanut butter, topped with raisins (I remember filling celery with Primula squeezy cheese as a child- we were so sophisticated in the ’70’s! Team Pugh, please don’t tell me you weren’t even born then…).

        HTH a bit- I’m sure I’m teaching you to suck eggs! TeamP, sorry for hijacking comments again, but Lizzie will have hollow legs one day!

  2. Congratulations on 20 weeks and on Paul, Barry and Kevin chicken laying – they obviously like the higher quality veg peelings they’re getting!

  3. Congratulations! You are inspiring, I wish we had a reasonably priced butchers in cirencester, for ages we were without an independent grocery but we do have one now and a fab local bakers with two local branches. I love going to markets and wish ours was bigger. I think I might start eating less meat and buying what we do eat from somewhere other than a supermarket – I’d like to be like you and give them a wide berth!

  4. Well done on getting to week 20! We are at week 14 of not going to Supermarkets for the weekly – I don’t think we will ever go back to our old shopping ways!

  5. Well done, your shop for the week looks fab! Glad to hear the chickens are a’layin again – did you know that you can grind up your eggshells and feed them back to the chickens (good source of calcium for them). Looking forward to hearing about your batch cooking. :o)

  6. Congratulations! I have to say since reading your blog I’ve made more of an effort to avoid supermarkets. I thought I did quite well already, but it’s made me make the extra effort to go to two shops instead of just the supermarket. It doesn’t take any longer (by the time I’ve parked, found where they’ve moved what I’m looking for to and queued to pay) and I don’t come out fuming at the whole experience!
    Keep up the good work!


    • Hazel, THANK YOU for your ideas. They are really helpful and give me lots of new things to try for snacks. It really is that hollow-leg thing isn’t it where they eat a meal and an hour later say ‘I’m hungry!’ And after school as well !! And like you say just go upwards and stay very lean!
      By the way, I phoned Tom at the Country Dairy – lovely, helpful man but unfortunately doesn’t deliver to Deddington which is a real disappointment. Never mind, it was worth a try.

      • Oh, I’m sorry about Country Dairy- that’s a real shame. If I hear of another good milkman I’ll let you know.

        There is definitely something about boys and their ability to eat…
        After I posted I thought of flapjack- quick to make (less faff than biscuits and cakes), lots of oats to make up for all the sugar, cheap and I sneak in dried fruit, seeds, even fruit! Ginger and dried apricot flapjack is gorgeous! My recipe is really easy (Barney makes a mean flapjack and raised £160 selling it for charity) and very popular. The friend I got it from always gets asked for her flapjack recipe and now I do, so it’s a good one! To save an even longer comment, email me (Becksie has my email address) and I’ll send it to you.

  7. Congrats on your 20 weeks, Becksie! You’re doing great. And how wonderful that your chickens are finally laying eggs again, I wish I had chickens (my granddad used to have them and I used to love helping him feed the chickens.
    I’m now in my second week of trying to go supermarket free. This morning I went to the market and bought some very nice fruit, veggies, cheese and fish. Unfortunately, I still have to buy my milk, butter and eggs (and probably some other things) at the supermarket, as I buy all my dairy and eggs organic, and haven’t found out where to get that yet, other than at the supermarket.
    As for feeding teens… I know all about that, as I’ve got a 19-year old and a 14-year old, and those two are always hungry – although the 19-year old not so much anymore, thank goodness!
    Between the two of them and my husband, they keep me cooking and baking almost full-time. Last Sunday I made three batches of Idiot Biscuits and guess what? They’re all gone now, so tomorrow I’ll have to make flapjacks. Other than biscuits, they like “grilled” cheese sandwiches (we make them in a cast iron frying pan), pancakes (or rather crepes), smoothies and ice cream. But of course I’m not buying ice cream all that often. I have discovered, however, that you can make ice cream more or less the same way you make smoothies: Throw lots of frozen fruits in the blender, add some (homemade) yogurt – preferably Greek style, and sweetener of your choice to taste. (We like maple syrup.) Blend on high for a couple of minutes and serve. You’ll have to play around with quantities a little to get the right consistency, but it’s way healthier than ordinary ice cream. And no trip to the supermarket required. 😉

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