Belt Required!

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Now whilst we were away at the weekend Ian suffered a slightly annoying problem involving jeans that were loose enough to keep slipping down every 10 steps or so. Now this mildly irritating problem is not really so bad, but he has found that hoicking up ones trousers is not so easy when you have a strong and heavy little baby in your arms!!

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The obvious question was why did he not take a belt? Well despite not being the most organised of people when he put his jeans on before leaving he picked up a pair that he never normally wears a belt with, and the weekend’s slipping antics have made us realise just how good for us giving up supermarket (and processed) food really is!!

Ian and Becksie have always been blessed with high metabolisms, but Ian (and Becksie) had noticed over the last year or so that Ian’s youthful figure was sliding slowly into middle-agedness. Even when we did shop at supermarkets we did not eat badly, Ian perhaps ate too many biscuits, and with the benefit of our recent experiences the meat we ate was poor quality, but certainly (and unknowingly) we were eating food that was not as good for us as it should have been.

Regular readers will know that we do not starve ourselves or take all of the calories (and lets face it, fun) out of food, we cook with a lot of salt and cream and bake with lots of butter, sugar and cream (we do like cream), but by cooking it ourselves from scratch we know what is in our food and the quality of the ingredients we are using, eating treats really doesn’t have to be just for….well treats!

tasty treats!

tasty treats!

Over the period of Ian’s expanding waistline Becksie has been pregnant and (of course) had a baby, so a direct comparison is perhaps not that easy, however since the start of our challenge Becksie’s weight has dropped to less than she weighed before getting pregnant, a definite positive of supermarket free life and cooking all your own food from scratch!


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  1. love your comments i’m trying to go supermarker free as i live in the city of Nottingham i’ve got out of my country ways i’ve become ‘blinkered’. My son Mark and his girl have inspired me to use the smaller shops when i can unfortualy there are none with walking distance that sell quality goods ti’s the usual stuff that the supermarkets flog. So i’ll have to do some research get a trolly bag and use my bus pass not the car! you are right about cooking from scratch done it for years it’s much bettter 4 you, I raised 4 childern on a tight budget, they all (excpt one who is still at home) love cooking, so will your little one licking out the bowl was a treat for them Keep up the good work. xx

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