What an Idiot! A guest post by Sandie

So today we hand over to our lovely friend Sandie who we can tell you is a brilliant baker! So……… listen up:

idiot 1

Hello again to all of Ian and Becksie’s readers and welcome to another ‘baking with Sandie’ guest blog post! Now, when I started out on my journey as a mum to two boys just over 12 years ago, it didn’t take very long for me to find out that small boys are rather partial to a biscuit or two. At first, a sugar-free rusk will satisfy, and then perhaps a specially crafted baby biscuit, but it isn’t long before they discover the delights of the ‘proper biscuits’ that mummy and her friends enjoy eating! As the years have gone by and they have turned from small boys into bigger boys, I have learnt the true meaning of hollow legs, as it is no longer a biscuit or two, but half a packet, or possibly even a whole packet that can disappear before my very eyes! So, I decided that, in the true spirit of responsible motherhood, it would be a very good idea to start baking my own biscuits so I knew exactly what goodies (or baddies!) were actually going into these delights.

I dug out a recipe from a trusty old cookery book for some biscuits called ‘Idiot Biscuits’, gave it a go and discovered that the clue really is in the name as they truly are biscuits that anybody can successfully make, even left-handed 12 year-old boys! And the great thing about them is that they can be made into any size and you can play around with the ingredients to come up with all sorts of different flavours. So here I share with you the basic recipe for Idiot Biscuits.


150g butter

100g caster sugar

250g plain flour

2 tbsps cocoa powder

Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper, or lightly grease the sheet, and preheat the oven to 150˚C (fan oven) / Gas Mark 3.

Cream together the butter and sugar. Sometimes I like to use a wooden spoon and do this the old-fashioned way, but usually take the lazy option and use an electric whisk.

idiot 2Stir in the flour and cocoa powder and start to bring the ingredients together. At this stage you can leave out the cocoa and/or add anything else you like – vanilla extract, lemon, chocolate chips etc.

idiot 3

Use your hands to bring the dough together into a large ball.

idiot 4

Roll small balls of the mixture (or larger if you prefer), arrange these on a baking sheet and press down lightly on them with a fork dipped in water.

idiot 5

Bake in the preheated oven for around 20 minutes.

Eat and enjoy, as I have just been doing while writing this post!


7 thoughts on “What an Idiot! A guest post by Sandie

  1. Those bikkies look really tasty!! I love recipies that you can vary too!! Thanks for that, I’ll make some at the weekend.

  2. I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now, and have been inspired to go supermarketfree as well. I’m not there yet, but I am making progress. (You can read about that on my blog: http://greedyminimalist.blogspot.com/)
    Oh, and I just had to let you know I’m going to try this recipe tomorrow. It looks absolutely delicious – and so easy! And I’m sure my Lizzie (who’s 19 and only comes home during the weekends and holidays) will love them!

    • Hiya
      Thanks for reading – very excited to hear you are supermarket free too. Love th efact you are called Leah (my sisters name) and also have a Lizzie hehe xx

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