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week 19 4How time flies its shopping time again! However once again we find ourselves in the situation that we don’t seem to need a great deal. We definitely don’t eat less than we did when we shopped at the supermarket but……. somehow this experiment has seen us stretching our food further, still eating loads and saving loads of money. If ever there was an argument for quality over quantity this was it!

week 19 3

Yesterday we went to soft play in Abingdon and on the way back called at Millets farm shop as we wanted some milk, bananas and butter. Great news they had reduced milk and cream cheese so we scooped these up and also got a big bag of frozen blackcurrants. Another reason for going to Millets is that we know they sold puff pastry (granted for more then we used to pay in the supermarket but…… needs must) as Wednesday night sees March’s Folly Dollies WI group in which the theme is ‘Dollies and Danish’ – making peg dolls and…… munching on Danish pastries! Recipes coming to a supermarket free blog near you soon!

week 19Today was market day and we needed a bit of green veg – we opted for a market cabbage and some onions and potatoes. We still have some fridge lingering veggies and we are determined to use them up before restocking. We had run out of olive oil and so treated ourselves to some fab looking oil from our lovely local deli, whilst there we got some yummy peanut butter, some toffee yogurt and 2 little bags of the dark chocolate Becksie loves!

week 19 2A quick trip to see Pat our lovely local butcher and we left with a huge bag of pork mince (we need to make some freezer meals) – no horse guaranteed! How do we know……. we watch it be minced. Shopping sorted!

butcher A total spend of…… £30.30p meaning another great saving on our £50 per week budget of £19.70.

So a recap of the stats: We are now 19 weeks into our experiment this means that we could have spent a total of £950 on food. We have in actual fact spent a total of £697.87 and have saved a brilliant £252.13.

To say we are happy is an understatement. In the words of the supermarkets themselves ‘every little helps’ and ‘don’t change your life change your supermarket’ well…….. leave your supermarket behind!


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  1. Im amazed how little you spending.I think my 3kids, 11packed lunches and 6-8pints of milk a day throws me, im trying to bake more and mostly cook from scratch.

    • I absolutely agree about the milk. There’s me and two boys and we get through about 16 pints a week, and if I buy organic (which I prefer to do) it pushes up the price even more.

      • wow – we are milk minimalists hehe – thank you for tonights blog post – fab stuff – will drop you an email been at WI so have got behind on emails and texts xx

  2. I bought the same cream cheese reduced in my local farm shop. It’s much thicker and creamier than the supermarket stuff- none of the watery liquid you get in those. I added a spoonful of natural yogurt, seasoning, some chopped parsley and chives and some grated garlic and the children had it in their sandwiches with grated carrot. Almost Boursin! They’ll have the rest with bacon or mixed with smoked fish to make a pate. Or my youngest’s all-time favourite combination; with smoked salmon!

  3. would love to know what you eat each week as Im trying your experiment myself and keep going over the £50 budget. I feed 2 adults and at 8 year old

  4. This blog always makes me feel hungry. I try to support local by getting 16pints a week from milkman £1.89 for 4pints .But lidls/aldis is £1 so get rest from them or local post office, I prefer organic but that bumps up costs as get through 40pints plus week spending £15-20 a week just on milk.It be cheaper to have cow in back garden.

    • Ha ha! It went through my mind about a cow in the garden! My milk bill is around £10 as I also buy a couple of litres of oat milk in addition to the 16 pints. I must look into a milkman as I do like to support local food as much as I can. I love this blog too and totally applaud Becksie and Ian for all they are doing. Three cheers for the Pughs 😄!

      • I’d vote for a sheep! Zwartbles preferably!

        Sandie, re: milkmen, I’d definitely recommend Tom at Country Dairy.
        The Country Dairy T W Sammons
        Green Lane Farm, Ascott, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire CV36 5PP
        01608 737971 ‎

        I’m not sure exactly where he delivers (+ not sure how close you are to me).

        He’s fab, they get through even in the snow, the milk is as local as it’s possible to get from a delivery service and they do organic milk in glass! I get deliveries 3 times a week and the latest they have ever delivered is 7am. (I got fed up of milk deliveries when I worked full time and lived near Bicester, because the milk used to arrive after I’d left for work and sit on the doorstep all day.)

        I have to say, however, I don’t get through anything like 6-8 pints of milk a day!

        I have stopped buying breakfast cereal (expensive and prefer not to eat a lot of the stuff that’s in them) but I do make granola or son especially loves popcorn with milk (which still has in all the goodness they remove from cereal and then add back later…) or we have porridge or toast and something (plus a glass of milk). Maybe we’re using less milk because the children and husband aren’t having bowlfuls of cereal?

        Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack the comments yet again…

    • We must also look into a milkman. LOVING the idea of a cow in the back garden hehe – actually one of Becksie’s life ambitions is to milk a cow 🙂

  5. How do you all get through so much milk?! Is it because your kids drink a lot of it? I ask because husband and I are childless and only use 2-4 pints a week…and that’s’with making basically everything from scratch…

  6. yes apart from the snow out independent milkman/dairy is lifesaver they deliver other bits if trying to avoid shopping and nice local fruit and veg boxes.I know we sound like extreme ilk addicts but guess theres worse vices. Becksi where do you buy cereals from?

    • There are indeed worse addictions hehe. We only buy muesli, granola and oats as cereal. Oats were from the farmers market 5kg for £5 (we are still using the bag we got weeks ago). Muesli from a farm shop and granola from our trip to Deddington 🙂

  7. We seem to be having an inexpensive month this month, I love it when that happens so that the fancy oil or little extra whatever can sneak home because there’s enough wiggle room in the budget. As you said, when you’re getting such great value with most of the other items it’s not as much of a big deal when something is more expensive than before, like the pastry, because it’s not something you buy often.

  8. Well done, another great shop. Its brilliant to see how much you are saving. Im liking seeing the Longley farm products, Ive only ever seen the cottage cheese (most scrummy as it is) in Sheffield. Keep up the great work. :o)

  9. Can I put in a word for Community Shops? Not sure if any of you have one near you but our local one (I must confess to slight bias as I volunteer there) is great! Our milk comes from a local supplier and is cheaper than the supermarket (44p for a pint). Our lovely retail manager Claire is passionate about supporting local businesses so a lot of our fresh produce comes from local butchers, green grocers etc. check us out if you’re in Avebury.

  10. Thanks hmk for milkman recommendation.

    For us the milk consumption thing is definitely because of the boys and I think gets ‘worse’ as they get older. So Ed can sometimes get through nearly a pint in an evening! And we do eat cereal (not sure I want to admit that on here, especially as some rather unhealthy ones pass the lips of Archie – my motto is to get a balance and moderation in everything). Also, if I make a rice pudding that will use a pint, and batter for pancakes, Yorkshire puds is half a pint each time, and I also make hot chocolate with milk rather than hot water.

    Becksie, oat milk is a dairy-free alternative to ordinary milk which I came across when I went through a health-freaky phase of not eating any dairy. The phase has passed now but I absolutely love porridge made with oat milk so still buy it for that. I think it’s made by pressing the oats and extracting the milk and is very healthy – have a look at the Oatly website. You can get it from many health food shops.

  11. Hi guys sorry for late reply been manic week. husband(aka big kid ) and 7year old probably drink 1pint a day, teas /coffees-i guilty I drink too much coffee, cereeals me and kids normally have bowl in morning so 4bowls am, me husband and eldest sometimes have bowl for supper so another 3bowls so approx 7-8bowls cereals a day. younger toddlers 3.5year old loves her bottles till and has about 3 9oz bottles of milk and nearly 2year old just weaned from breast in feb now drinking 2-3bottles milk a day. Then there,s cooking used bit of milk in fish pie and potato and leek soup. consumptions worse weekends and school holidays.They so cheap when they tiny babies its as they get older 7year old is always hungry and always thirsty. At school breckie club she eats 4-5bowls cereal, assured the she is fed but gets values worth. Cereals another big expense as they not fussed on musili and porridge and most are well know brand guess corner shop classed as independent?The milks easily adding £50 to monthly budget before we even buy food. we trialing more blue top in hope fill them for longer and keen to try almond milk in coffee as sounds yummy. I getting twitchy as we down to last 12pints that will be gone tommorow will pop into lidls and milkman comes mondays and thursdays.

    • Hi Gailey,

      Almond milk isn’t that great in coffee, it’s ok, if thin, to make hot chocolate but for coffee it just doesn’t really make it creamy or add anything. It’s just like drinking black coffee only a slightly lighter colour. Other than soya milk which has that creamy consistency non-dairy milks (coconut, almond, hazelnut, rice, oat etc) are good for baking, cereal, porridge and drinking neat but for hot drinks I’d give them a miss. They’re more expensive than animal milk too, almond milk is about £1.50 a litre. UHT soya can be cheap at less than £1 a litre but I know a lot of people give that a miss so they’re wary of too much unfermented soy.

    • wow – thats a lot of cereal – we are lucky at the moment that we don’t buy that much as we don’t eat much – Lizzie isn’t so far that fussed on cereal and Ian and I don’t eat much we are toast people – but….. so far since November we have only bought about 4 loaves of bread from the bakers and I have made the rest xx

  12. I love this milk debate! We are a family of 4 – 2 adults and 8 yo and 6 yo boys. Hubby drinks a pint of milk with his dinner every day and 6yo loves milk too. 8 yo and I are not fussed about milk but we do have it in breakfast cereal every day, and for me in tea. Then adding in fish pies, white sauces etc we average 17 – 20 pints of milk a week. I get 17 pints a week delivered from the milkman (73p per pint for non organic) and I love that. He’s always here snow or not. Friendly and reliable. Also I read that glass milk bottles get reused 13 times before being recycled, that’s alot more than plastic milk cartons. So for me I’d always go with the milkman and just top up with the odd couple of pints from the local corner shop when needed.

    Great blog Team Pugh!!

    • Thats great re the glass bottles – our neighbour has a milkman and I have tried to catch them to get the details but every time I speak to them I forget – ops! Must do a milk based post soon

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