5am Raisin

You might not have known it but Team Pugh popped to Devon for a little holiday over the weekend! Weren’t we organised having the blog posts all written and sorted for a whole weekend? No really this is truly amazing, 98% of the time we have not planned the day’s blog until the evening.

5am 1We arrived Friday pm and went for a lovely walk in the sunshine. Now this little holiday was the best sort – FREE! Granny and Grandad Gray had been away for the week in a lovely little holiday cottage and so we joined them for the final weekend of their holiday. Now we said the cottage was tiny and we didn’t lie. Ian and Becksie got bunk beds while Lizzie had her travel cot in the doorway of the bedroom.

Now, Ian and Becksie have been extremely lucky because from about 10 weeks old Lizzie has been a sleep through the night sort of child. We haven’t done anything its just how its worked out. Don’t worry we are under no illusions that should we have another little Pugh this would be the case again! In fact one of Becksie’s friends described Lizzie as a ‘sucker’ baby – by this she means this type of baby leads parents to believe this parent malarky is easy so you have another and wham you are landed with a baby who never sleeps! We bet you can guess where this is going? Correct!

Lizzie went to bed as normal, a little more protest than normal but……. She was in a strange place, and by 8.30pm she was fast asleep! We could even hear her snoring from downstairs – told you the cottage was small!

Now Granny Gray retired to bed first followed by Becksie at 11pm! Now those of you who know us know that for Becksie 11pm is VERY early bed! Becksie slept soundly in the bottom bunk until Ian came to bed an hour later, after beating Grandad Gray at Upwords!

Now between the hours of 12am and 1am everyone slept like babies! At approximately 1.15am Lizzie began to cry! Becksie awoke with a start as this is not something she is used to. She jumped up narrowly missing Ian’s bed, scooped Lizzie up and settled her into her bunk back to the land of nod and as not to wake everyone else.

So after a long feed Becksie thought Lizzie would once again be fast asleep! WRONG! Lizzie was to quote Aunty Leah ‘widers’! She was in fact laughing! For about 3 minutes Becksie also saw the joke and giggled quietly too! Then it became less funny!

Next we had a loud chorus of ‘mamamama mum’ then a louder chorus of ‘dadada dad’! Cute as this was the joke had worn thin! Now had we been at home this late night comedy show could have taken place in the dark of Lizzie’s bedroom to an audience of road kill bunny, the three rabbits and any other stuffed animal that cared to listen until the entertainment fell to sleep! In said tiny cottage this was not an option!

The only option was in fact for Becksie to let the show play out whilst gently reminding the performer that the evening’s (or more accurately the morning’s) performance needed to be a special quiet show!

The show now with the occassional additional loss of head control head butt from the performer to spectator was becoming very unentertaining – at this point the audience decided to reach for the glass of water on the floor and at the same time checked the time to see how long until early riser Grandad Gray would wake up and be oh so delighted to entertain his lovely grandchild! 3.30am! What! This has to be a joke! No!

Now Lizzie was not ill, in need of a nappy, hungry or thirsty or indeed unhappy at all she was simply put ‘in holiday mode’ and did not want to sleep! Becksie by this point was getting ever slightly annoyed – parents will recognise this 3am no sleep feeling. One third of you looks at your child and feels a strong sense of love and pride the other 2/3rds is ever so slightly irritated and thinks a) just go to sleep b) I can’t stay awake another minute I’m very tired its all your fault I am not amused’ or sentiments to that effect!

Now whilst this party has been going for hours on the lower deck up top the male representative of Team Pugh was somehow sleeping like a baby (a gift dads seem to obtain in the delivery suite. Becksie speculates that the tea and toast dads are given after the birth of their first child is in fact laced with drugs that have a few side effects like the ability to sleep through such parties and the need to hug the passenger seat whilst reversing a car)! By 4am only one sixtenth of Becksie was feeling the love part of the aforementioned feeling towards a none sleeping child as at 4am ish Lizzie discovered she had the ability to bite! Ian still slept on!

4.50am and Grandad Gray went to the loo stirring Ian from his slumber. Becksie seized this opportunity to inform Ian of all he had missed! He half heartedly apologised and offered for Lizzie to transfer the party to the top bunk safe in the knowledge that this was on no level safe and therefore not a viable option! So Becksie decided there was only one thing for it…….. A 5am get up!

As she clambered out of bed if shes really honest she was down to 1/64th love and as she got downstairs to the cold living room she could have cried!

5am 2

Apologies for the blurry picture but…… it was 5am

Cup of tea for Becksie, water for Lizzie – things were grim! As there was nothing much else to do Becksie thought she’d offer Lizzie some raisins! Lizzie, who loves food seemed delighted and tucked in! 5 raisins in and Lizzie’s tiny hand went into the little pot picked out a raisin and instead of stuffing it into her mouth slowly extended her arm and offered Becksie her raisin!

5am 3Becksie took the raisin and in this split second the nights antics were forgiven! This tiny action said so much – her expression truly said ‘i’m sorry mummy’!   Becksie’s heart melted and suddenly the whole of Becksie felt love and pride again!

So we settle on the sofa and after 20 mins of Lizzie turning the pages of her book something magical happens…….. Lizzie finally goes to sleep! Becksie daren’t move for fear of waking her and it is at this moment she realised she doesn’t want to move as Lizzie will only be little for a very short while!

And………… now……. Monday’s blog post is written before 6.30am on Saturday morning!


11 thoughts on “5am Raisin

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa. Payback!!! And that is only one night. Mine have ever slept well-you do get used to it thought, so when it is one night out of the blue it hits you harder. I think you are more tolerant than me. I am at the 1/64th stage pretty quickly. And it would take more than a raisin to win me round…
    Hope you managed to have a lovely break despite the sleep deprivation, and hope Ian made it up to you (what is it with men and their inability to hear a crying baby at 4am..?!)

  2. I so don’t miss those days. We had a caravan, had to give it up, due to a certain daughter getting out of bed at the first crack of dawn, with a little face pressed up against mine and a “Hiya!” the minute I stirred (she could walk at 9 months, there was no escape). She also wouldn’t sleep until we went to bed – a 9pm bedtime on holiday was no fun.

    Now they’re teenagers – and we spend half our holiday trying to get them out of bed so we can do something!

  3. I remember those days too!!! Thankfully my youngest is 14 so doesn’t do that anymore. Another lovely place to stay is Welcome Barton (there is a village called Welcome) just north of Bude. Its owned by the Yarner Trust and has courses on all sorts of sustainable living, crafts, green building etc. You can stay in the beautiful ancient farmhouse for £25 each per night, there are no staff & you get your own breakfast & use the house as your own. It might be a bit better for older children, but is a great place to know about. I used to live near & there’s lots of surfing, sustainable living, yurts & fab dramatic countryside very close. There are bursaries too, cos I kind rich person left money for that.


    Hope you’ve caught up on your sleep now.

  4. Daisy’s Mummy and her uncles were never good sleepers but if you don’t get sleep then you don’t notice what you don’t have. It is much harder if it only happens once in a while. Daisy’s grandad also had the ability to sleep through much. My favourite story about sleeping fathers came from our Australian GP in Hong Kong – she was up for the 2nd or 3rd time with baby no. 3 (and back at work) while hubby snored gently beside her. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, winding baby after feed when, whoops!, baby threw up entire feed all over daddy – payback!!!

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