Washing Up

Now as you hopefully know we are quite into eating……….. there is only one problem with cooking lovely food, it generates piles of washing up.

washing up 1

If proof was needed that Ian and Becksie were a good fit for each other Ian likes and Becksie hates washing up just as much as Becksie loves and Ian hates cooking! Ian has always liked washing up, he finds it quite relaxing and finds the cleaning very satisfying.

Grandpa Pugh is also a keen washer-upper, the washing up bug must be inherited! Grandpa Pugh has, however, very strict rules on washing up, taken from the household guru Mrs Beeton. As far as Grandpa Pugh is concerned Mrs Beeton’s words should followed to the letter, meaning that he has an incurable fear of washing up poisoning!

So Grandpa Pugh washes all of his pots in a lovely hot soapy bowl, then dips the washed item in a stone cold bowl of water to rinse off the soap suds. Now we appreciate that perhaps in Mrs Beeton’s day there was more of a risk of this, however we are not sure we have heard of anyone who has died from tasting washing up liquid residue, but perhaps this is because Grandpa Pugh sneaks round to swill people’s pots off……

washing up 4

Ian does not subscribe to this theory, he has no fear of washing up liquid poisoning! He does however have several of his own washing up rules. He only ever uses good quality washing up liquid, Original Fairy, or Persil at a push. He does not subscribe to these fancy flavours of washing up liquid, and there is no worse smell than Lemon Fairy YUUUUUUUUUUUCK! We have tried several cheaper washing up liquids, but the really do not cut the mustard off the plates! He also is a firm believer that drying up is a waste of time, why do something that nature will do for you!

Below are Ian’s top tips for washing up perfection!

  1. Always start with a nice clean sink and draining boardwashing up 2
  2. Get a lovely bowl of piping hot soapy water and start with the glasses, cups, plates, cutlery and then panswashing up 3
  3. Bread bowls, always something of a nemesis until Ian read you should put cold water in them, the mixture falls right off
  4. Fill dirty pots and pans with washing up water and leave to soak while you wipe down the worktops and table then scrub out and swill off
  5. Sponge scourers are the only tool to use, effective and easy to clean out

washing up 5

Oh, and finally a little admission. On the remote off-chance…..however unlikely it is…..regardless of all of his bravado…..Ian does swill the suds from Lizzie’s drinking cups…….just in case!!


10 thoughts on “Washing Up

  1. Well done Grandpa Pugh! I teach Profesional Cookery students at college & your theory re. chemical contamination is paramount fundamental basics that everyone should adhere to! Well said! Who wants to eat food tainted by chemicals?….Not me!!!

  2. Washing up liquid is basically chemicals to lower the surface tension of water. This basically means it will help break up the dirt and fat into tiny droplets that you can’t see (this is why your washing water is nice a clear at the start and murky at the end (all your grime and fats and in an emulsion with your water). All that dirt and fat and chemicals (and the germs) are still there just a little smaller! The washing up liquid has helped you to mobilise all the dirt, now you need to get rid of it by rinsing! Grandpa Pughs way is sensible as it doesn’t waste lots of water.

  3. Grandpa Pugh washes up like my hubby, he calls it the Army way! (Bit of a family joke). Except that he rinses off with hot water so they start to dry themselves. We have the same routine of I cook, and he washes up very fair division of labour I call it!

  4. Apparently ‘air drying’ is much better than using a tea-towel (these are like dishcloths and can harbour all sorts of nasties), so there you go! :o)

  5. I also dislike drying up, but enjoy washing up! I also have a set ‘sequence’ for washing things: cutlery, then plates/other flat stuff (e.g. pan lids), followed by bowls, cups and glasses. Pans and anything else bulky are done at the end. Cannot understand how hubby can just wash whatever comes out of the sink first with no order :p

    • Becksie hates washing up, especially cutlery, it falls under the category of rubbish washing up (basically anything that is not glasses, cups or plate) and leaves for Ian

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