Wedges and Wardrobe Fails!

Well today begins with a funny story – got up, got dressed, fed Lizzie, dressed Lizzie, made some bread dough, got sewing stuff out. 11.15am Jenny and Daisy came to pick us up, opened door, looked at Jenny……….and………………………….. realised we were dressed in an identical top!!! Further inspection revealed we were also wearing the same shade of jeans and boots and…… we had both tried to ‘jazz’ up our outfits with a ‘funky’ scarf! Oh very dear!

Becksie -  'Like your top Jenny' Jenny 'thank you - like yours aswel!'

Becksie – ‘Like your top Jenny’
Jenny ‘thank you – like yours too’

Giggling away we set off on the journey to Vicki and Isla’s house with the intention of sewing dresses for dress a girl around the world. Well…….. we tried but with three small girlies lets just say the sewing achievements were minimal but…… Jenny did finish one she had started and Vicki and Becksie cut out dresses so not an epic fail like the matching top! Lunch was yummy sausages and homemade bread (made at chateau Pugh and baked at Vicki’s) and later some yummy cake.

Wedges and wardrobe fail 3

Now on the subject of dresses Becksie was this morning thrilled to receive pictures of some of the dresses made on our dress day with their new owners – an incredible feeling to see a dress you had made being worn with pride – in fact for Becksie very emotional. These photo’s have really inspired Becksie to reach her 200 dress target.

Wedges and wardrobe fail 1

So all this sewing (well thinking about sewing) made us hungry so…… dinner was a roast chicken with sweet potato wedges. A delightful little recipe that is very quick and easy and makes a tasty side to a roasted local chicken.

Easy really

Preheat oven to 200c

wedges 4Cut ones sweet potato into wedges.

Get a large bowl and add a cup of plain flour, a good sprinkling of dried thyme, paprika (to taste), salt and pepper (to taste) – mix together

wedges 5Give the sweet potato wedges a nice dash of olive oil then roll each wedge in the floury mixture

wedges 6Lay on a lightly oiled baking tray and bake in the oven for approximately 40mins!

wedges 7Yum Scrum!

Oh and one more thing – we also did some regular potato wedges at the same time to the same recipe!


10 thoughts on “Wedges and Wardrobe Fails!

  1. I’ve made potato wedges but never sweet potato ones, in fact haven’t tried sweet potatoes at all. What flavour do they have? Hubby very conservative in food tastes!

  2. Forgot to say! You and your friends obviously have brill dress sense with the matching outfits and the dresses you are making for Dress a girl around the World look wonderful.

  3. Beautiful dresses! I hadn’t heard about the charity until I found your blog, but I’ve managed to get a few friends and colleagues interested in making dresses. I don’t think we’ll manage anything like 200, but it would be nice to be able to send some.

  4. Its lovely to see your dresses being worn so many million miles away! I’ll give some things to Oxfam to hopefully do similar.

    I think we’ll have baked sweet potatos too later – Yum!

  5. Making chips in the oven is just as easy without the flour/herb mix. Just cut the chips and toss in a cous of tbsps of olive oil and pop in a hot (200C) oven for about 30 mins. Even better if done in an Aga (if you’re lucky enough to have one!)

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