A really lovely day

Today Becksie and Lizzie had one of those days that was just simply lovely!

lovely 3They woke up after a lovely sleep and enjoyed some lovely walnut and raisin bread as toast. They then got dressed had a few lovely chats with their lovely neighbours and then drove through some lovely countryside in the lovely sunshine to meet some lovely new people, eat some lovely homemade food and were taken to a few lovely food shops. There is only one word to describe all this……. Lovely!

Now, today was in fact farmers market in Faringdon but as Becksie was off to meet a fellow lover of local food she decided not to go to the market and just see where the day took her – she is very very glad she did!

So who were these lovely people?

What was this lovely homemade food?

And…….. what was this lovely shops and what did we buy?

Well – the lovely people were the lovely Sandie of Jam Ring envy fame and as an unexpected bonus we got to also meet Archie one of the Chocolate Hot Cross Bun makers as he is a poorly bunny so was at home. Becksie and Sandie hit is off instantly and had a million things in common. Becksie and Lizzie firstly had a lovely cup of tea and ‘idiot biscuits’ (don’t worry we’ll get the recipe for you all) and then it was homemade soup (yummy), soda bread (an amazing market buy), awesome cheeses (Sandie obviously had done her blog reading homework as she knew all about Becksie’s cheese addiction) and cheese scones!

lovely 1Now……………………. Becksie thought that on her trip to the WI college in December she had had the best scone out there but…… she was wrong Sandie takes the gold on these!! They literally melted in your mouth and unlike Becksie’s attempts did not taste of bicarbonate of soda! All this munched and it was on to puddings! Lizzie gobbled a massive bowl of homemade rice pud and Becksie had some AMAZING homemade meringues with lemon cream! Basically this lady can bake!

lovely 2

It was then out for a little walk and a trip to the most lovely shop that Becksie has been to in a very long time – lets just say it is on a par with Becksie’s favourite deli the lovely Hare in Woods!

lovely 4They had a fab selection of beautiful and carefully selected food and it was laid out in such a lovely way.

lovely 6The staff were incredibly knowledgeable, offering recipe tips and even holding doors open for us. They even had whole chickens on special offer.

lovely 5 If you are ever in Deddington near Banbury The Eagles is well worth a visit! £22.59 was the total bill.

lovely 7Round the corner to another great little deli £6 spent and then back to Sandie’s for a cuppa whilst Lizzie napped. Off we went to pick Ian up and stopped at a lovely independent grocers to buy a few more bits of fruit and vegetables and some Fairtrade Coffee (did you know it currently Fairtrade Fornight – you should head over to this most excellent website). Just a little over £12 spent in here bringing this weeks total spends to £40.95  meaning a saving of £9.05 not bad at all.

lovely 8


lovely 10And……….. what was for tea? Well…….. at the Deli we got some lovely ham so we decided to have ham, egg, homemade chips and a little treat of baked beans!

lovely 9We know this tea didn’t contain any green veggies but……. sometimes is ok and……. we wanted to road test the lovely ketchup we purchased!


18 thoughts on “A really lovely day

  1. It was an absolute pleasure to have you both to visit and you’re welcome anytime, and Ian too 😄😄. And can I say, your tea looks . . . simply lovely!!

  2. Haha! I live in the next village to Deddington- the butcher on the left is delightful. He has my 9 yr old in stitches if we go in after school! Sandie, you must live quite near me. Do you go to the farmer’s market?
    We are spoilt for independent shops round here. My favourite (sorry Eagles) is a bit closer to Banbury; a farm shop in Wykham Lane, Bodicote, if you’re ever passing and in need of food!

    • Yes hmk, I like the farmer’s market and I too LOVE the Wykham Park farm shop. I can also recommend Wyatt’s near Grea Rollright.

      • Have you tried their ice cream?! I had rose petal once, and chocolate and chilli… Mmmmm!

        What about the Meat Joint at Iron Down Farm? Their butchers are brilliant and aren’t fazed by me ordering sausages and then turning up with my plastic tub to put them in!


  3. I haven’t tried the Meat Joint but know where they are based – I think they are at the market too? Do they have a shop at the farm or do you have to order in advance?

    • Yes, they’re at the market by the Town Hall- great faggots!!

      You can just turn up at the farm (8-3, I think), but the shop is the butchers room; there are no counters or meat out to pick from. That doesn’t sound very appealing- it is, and they’ll either get stuff from the fridge/freezer or cut it up literally in front of you, it’s just that when you open the door it looks as if you’re in the wrong place…
      They’re really friendly and very helpful.

      I only order in advance if I want to buy stuff without wrapping. I buy about 50 sausages at a time and freeze them in 5’s and 10’s so they need warning to sell that many from the shop (I would think most of their sales are through markets and other local shops) and not to put them in a bag!

  4. Just found your blog from the article in Wilts and Glos standard. What a great idea!! Would love to do if only I wasn’t so lazy. Definately food for thought….

  5. Love Dedly Deddington, and very inspired that you shop there! We live in the village down the road so it’s fab to hear you giving our local shops the stamp of approval!
    Still struggling with the full time and flying about at weekends issue that seems a bit of an obstacle for supermarket freedom but I’m chewing it over and will no doubt come up shortly with a spectacular revalation! Keep up the wonderful blogs!

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