Dressing up

dress 8As you read yesterday Becksie was up and about bright and early and did a few things she has been meaning to do for a while.

dress 1She woke early and decided that instead of messing around on the internet on her phone (blog reading, tweeting, newspaper browsing) she would get up and tick some things of her to do list. She went downstairs, flicked on the kettle, looked at the feline members of Team Pugh and concluded the only reasonable conclusion! Now cat owners may recognise the following sequence of events:

Cat owner looks at cats. Cats look at owner with a fleeting glance – they are busy – they are on patrol! One of the little darlings has indeed bought a live mouse into the house and said live mouse is shaking and quaking behind the bookshelf where Team Pugh keep their recipe books. Becksie’s first thought was to scream and shout Ian – she has NO problem with teeny tiny cute mice but……… a mouse in the house is for some reason a scary thought! 25 mins later Becksie managed to save the little fellow with aid of extreme courage and a plastic tub! Phew.

dress 2Becksie finally then sat down and made a bag for Lizzie’s peppa pig dominoes and another little dress for the dress a girl around the world project. All this before 10am – awesome!

dress 4


dress 5



dress 6Making the little dress reminded Becksie that she has a target of 200 dresses and that she needs to get on with this and organise another dress day.

But……. don’t fear action has been taking place on as after a slot in the local paper a few people have got in touch and are in fact making dresses – A lovely lady called Freda has made 5.


dress 7 A few other folk have dresses that Becksie needs to collect and Granny Pugh has made this lovely one – completely by hand.

dress update200 dresses is definitely a possibility. It is also exciting that 20 of the dresses that we made at our dress day have in fact already been distributed to little girls in the Gambia – watch this space for picture updates.

Monday here we come!


8 thoughts on “Dressing up

  1. Wow! Well done! The internet is certainly a distraction that is hard to resist! I must find some fabric and make a dress (or even two, with my somewhat rusty sewing skills).

  2. I cannot find an actual pattern for the pillow case dresses. I plan on using fabric for my little dresses. Where can I find a pattern?

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