Resoloutions Revisited

Those of you with better memories than ours may recall we made a range of New Year’s resolutions just over two months ago, and we thought it may be worth revisiting them and seeing how we are getting on!

The reflection was spurred on by the fact that Ian woke up at 10.00am to find that Becksie had in fact been up for two hours doing little jobs, which was one of the things Ian was supposed to be doing on a Saturday morning (this has so far been an epic fail, must must try harder!)

new year 2

We set ourselves the challenge to get more organised, and we are getting there, still just about treading water with general day to day admin but we are into the realms of daily and weekly lists, today’s list has even been completely ticked off – Amazing!

We also have both freezers full of food; leftovers from dinners, drop scones, crumpets and even some lovely homemade bread!! So far so good!


We have no ironing pile (Becksie has been ironing as we go along) and Becksie and Ian’s wardrobes have both been sorted and had clothes culled! Ian’s wardrobe cull actually took place today quite by chance before we even sat down to write tonight’s post…………….spooky!!

Becksie has also sorted all of her craft supplies into a DCA (Designated Craft Area) and Ian has made a start on some of the man jobs and that windowsill he has been meaning to do for months, just a few coats of paint now required!!


Perhaps that is enough of the self-congratulation, however. The washing bin was reduced to nothing due to a mammoth washing effort, however we have let it slide again and the bin is overflowing with clothes, and Ian has no socks, all presumably in the washing bin (he hopes). There are not even any matching pairs to be found at the lost sock station……………


The garden…………..our lovely once prize winning garden is still in the unproductive state it was in December, except the weeds are starting to grow in earnest again, MUST DO JOB for March – make a start on the garden, need to find a guest-blogging professional gardener to lend a hand, if only we knew one! The garden has a lot of potential and we could easily provide ourselves with some veg and a lot of salad over the summer, we just need to find some time to get it started!


And finally the subject of bed time. I am sure this is a problem most parents have, but unlike most we have no problem getting Lizzie to bed, rather ourselves. There is just so much to do every evening, and once Lizzie is in bed a few hours of jobs and a little bit of down time tend to make it midnight at the earliest before we are in bed. This of course then has the opposite effect of making it nigh on impossible to get up in the morning, there really is not enough hours in the day. We know that if we could just break the cycle for a few days we could get up early, and then be so tired we had to go to bed early, but for us it is seriously a challenge……..we will set ourselves the challenge to try try and try again, but we are not holding out too much hope.

Well, So far…..not so bad, we have at least met our biggest goal of all, which was to remain supermarket free!!


6 thoughts on “Resoloutions Revisited

  1. Well done you! You need to have an evening alarm clock methinks, when it goes off you pack up and go to bed! I know it’s not that easy, I’m afraid I belong in the go to bed to late brigade, but I do still get up around about seven each day. Just an insomniac ?!

    • What a brilliant idea – a go to bed alarm might actually be worth a go…… however there is a chance we’d just press snooze hehe

  2. I could lend you a smallish boy to get you up in the morning!! Up before 6 every day and usually as early as 5.30 😴😴 !!

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