We forgot to tell you about this week’s shopping….

In all the excitement of guest blogs this week Team Pugh forgot to blog about our main subject – oops! The non-supermarket shop!

Now we have been busy but we have another excuse. This week’s shop was in fact tiny. Last week we got lots of lovely fruit and veggies and when it came to our normal shopping time we looked in the fridge and thought if we go shopping we will be doing so for the sake of going and this…… defeats what we are trying to do.

shopping week 17 (1)We only really needed a few bits – Some bananas for our little person to munch, some onions, some carrots, cream, eggs, onions, milk, cheese, chicken thighs (for tonight’s dinner) and some plain flour. This came to a total of £9.20 and came from a lovely greengrocers / butchers in nearby Lechlade.

shopping week 17 (2)Today saw a little trip into Faringdon to the lovely Faringdon country market and a purchase of some potatoes, some lovely raspberry and blackberry vinegar made by a lady called Val.

shopping week 17 (4)Then a quick trip to the Really Useful Shop to get some kitchen supplies (well cling film and a new bottle of vegetable oil to replace our chip oil which has done its time) and our first cleaning products since we included them in our £50 budget – washing powder and fabric conditioner!

shopping week 17 (3)So a total of £18.58 giving us £31.42 to add to our savings which now stands at a cool……… £223.38! Amazing!

A warm(ish) welcome from Barry!

And now….. it is the weekend, and a few days of pottering around, perhaps going for a little swim and doing little jobs like cleaning out the chickens. Ah yes the chickens, and another thing we have forgot to tell you all (does parenthood do this to everyone?) We still have Kevin the chicken! Despite putting up posters and asking around Kevin was still ownerless so we have gratefully welcomed him/her into our flock. Having escaped once we clipped her wings, only to return home and find her missing again, having a little snooze in the neighbour’s hedge! A further less generous wing-clipping later and she is safely contained in our pen. For now………………………….


18 thoughts on “We forgot to tell you about this week’s shopping….

  1. I’d be very interested to know what your year’s policy is on environmentally friendly (or not) cleaning products (apologies if you have stated this elsewhere already) as I’m guessing the ones in your pic aren’t particularly so….!

    • Hiya, we’ve never actually thought up an exact policy on the environment, obviously we care about protecting it but the focus of our project is local shopping. So….. When we needed washing powder it was a choice of driving to our local farm shop and getting more environmentally friendly products or….. Walking to our local household shop – on this occasion we chose the walk – we guess its swings and roundabouts 🙂 we have been sent some recipes for homemade washing powder but despite having the materials we haven’t made it yet. Saving the environment is incredibly important and shopping locally definitely reduces waste, food miles etc so we hope we can be forgiven our not great washing machine food choices hehe. Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend xxxx

      • It’s all a bit of a balance isn’t it? I use soapnuts, which are imported from India, but they’re practically zero waste (I compost them afterwards), fair trade, not made by any horrible multi-national corporation and I don’t have to make anything else as the alternative! (Actually, I reckon by the time you’ve bought shipped-about laundry detergent/soap flakes/soda bic/borax/whatever else if you make your own, the clothes-washing-miles probably aren’t that different. And soapnuts are dry, so can be shipped rather than flown). But I’m not nearly as good as you about avoiding supermarkets. As long as we all do something with our cash to show what we want to support, I reckon that’s okay.

      • Have never heard of soapnuts – will give them a google 🙂 Totally agree that its about everyone doing their bit to show they care x

      • I think they’re great- they wash about as well as a non bio. You put a few shells in a bag and put it in with the wash and …that’s it.
        Hubby was brought up to think that washing can’t be clean unless you can smell it from 20 places, so I add a few drops of (lavender) essential oil in the conditioner compartment to make up for the ‘non-smell’! (I hadn’t used fabric conditioner for ages before that because it makes me sneeze!!) You could add a spoonful or two of good old white vinegar if you like, but I find clothes come out less crunchy without the detergent anyway.
        Each lot of shells lasts for several washes and there are various ‘net recipes for using the shells afterwards to make washing liquid/soap/shampoo, but to be honest, I use mine to death and then compost them. They come with a dinky little cotton bag to put them in, but I found the string a pain to undo, so I scrounged a laundry tablet bag from a neighbour and use that. Horrible man-made string is much easier to deal with when it’s wet!
        There are loads of places online to buy them- I bought mine from my local Fairtrade group. If you’d like a few to try, I can send you some. You could DM me on Twitter or post Ian’s work address to avoid the entire world (and me) knowing where you live…

  2. I love your blog and look forward to reading it every day. We queued for twenty minutes at the butchers yesterday, this could be catching on. Am I right in thinking you eat very little meat and fish?

    • Hiya, Thanks you so much for reading 🙂 Fab news re butchers queue – that’a amazing. We actually eat quite a lot of meat and fish but in the last few shops haven’t needed to buy too much as we’ve had quite a few pheasants and half a deer in the freezer so…… we’ve been eating these. Watch this space for meat purchases coming very soon 🙂 Best wishes xx

  3. Hiya, love your posts Becksie & not being pedantic, but your cheese is out of date! Hey, cheese can only mature with age anyway! ;D

    • Wow – 20 points for excellent observation skills – we hadn’t noticed this and…… neither had the shop we got it from – ops! Rest assured it tasted fine hehe – thanks for reading

  4. We didn’t need too much this week so decided to ditch the trip to the supermarket for a change and shopped in the town. It was fun, had a nice chat with everyone and visited a few new places. Plus it was a gorgeous day and everywhere smelled of the beach which always makes things fun. Stopped off at a local coffee shop too, which is where we found out about the lovely baker! We can only get hold of local veg from our supermarket though (it’s a local chain) so we’ll be back there next week to support their love of slow food and local suppliers.

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