Now Becksie must confess that most types of history do not float her boat – knights at round tables, Vikings with pointy hats and very narrow boats, kings and queens of yesteryear! She isn’t being ignorant and understands why others find these subjects very interesting but for her they just don’t tick any boxes. Ian is quite into history as are Aunty Leah, Grandad Gray, Grannie Gray, Grannie Pugh and Grandpa Pugh (Becksie is not 100% sure of Uncle Phil’s thoughts but she knows for a fact he knows a lot about film history) so don’t panic Lizzie will by no means grow up ignorant of history.

However, all this said there is a little corner of history that Becksie LOVES! In fact it fascinates her! Becksie and her exclamations love food history! Well…….. she did say a little corner it’s not quite food history in general. It is the food history of the Victorian era (this gets an 8 / 10) and the food history of the second world war (this gets a 15 / 10).

history 4One day we will post about the Victorian era (would be so un us to do this in date order) but today and probably in a few up coming posts we will focus on the whole second world war thing.

So where to begin – well firstly Becksie sometimes thinks she was born in the wrong era – perhaps it’s a bit weird to say the following statement (and those of you who know Becksie will know this is a very un Becksie thing to say) but if Becksie had to be born in a different era she would weirdly chose to be born in 1916. This way when the second world war started she would have been around 23. Now obviously she would in no way want to have lived through the horrors and terrors that the war bought with it but she often thinks that catering during war time must have been extremely satisfying Continue reading