Just another day

Well…….firstly a huge thank you for all the lovely lovely emails, texts and comments received about our post about exclamations – never fear they are well and truly here to stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, this morning saw a leisurely potter around and a lovely latish breakfast before a trip to Sweden!

just another 2

Said breakfast was lovely eggy bread (using some lovely cinnamon and raisin bread we had baked – a twist on the one Becksie learnt at the WI), yogurt, blackberry and apple compote and for fun and because they are Lizzie’s favourites a bit of banana! Now we were going to post a recipe but………………………………… we are late blogging tonight (our midnight deadline is fast approaching) so its just a quick post about the importance of doing extra ordinary things on seemingly ordinary days.

just another 1

This morning just because we could we served breakfast on our ‘best’ plates – food seems to taste even better on these plates! When Becksie served the breakfast she decided to spend a few extra moments making it look artistic on the plate. Lizzie ate off the special china and her breakfast looked pretty – now we know at the moment she doesn’t know the difference but in years to come when she perhaps reads this blog as an archive of her formative years she will hopefully think ‘wow how lovely’!!

Ian's breakfast (he was also allowed to eat off the best china)

Ian’s breakfast (he was also allowed to eat off the best china)

Our next decision was to all wear something new, just because we wanted to. Lizzie had a new top from Christmas (thank you Auntie Kath – she’s the one with the excellent talent for fruitcakes), Becksie had new pants (from her birthday) and Ian……… had new socks! Oh and………. we put our new clothes on without bathing or showering – this is in itself liberating dot com!

Then it was off to Sweden singing along to the radio as we went. On arrival at Sweden Lizzie got to ride in the trolley – an experience she doesn’t get now due to this no supermarket malarkey and we pottered around slowly trying out all the chairs, sofas and playing house. We got some new pencils and tape measures and………. a candle (why is it one always has to buy a candle in Sweden?), some fleece blankets to make more quillows and some little thingy ma bobs to make the plugs safe for our little crawler Lizzie. A lovely time was had by all! If you haven’t guessed by now Sweden is in fact Ikea!

just another 4

Now we know Ikea is not very local shopping but we LOVE to go for the occasional little potter about but don’t worry we didn’t buy any food from the shop as……… after discussions we decided this would be a rule breaker!!!!!!!!!!! (come on admit it who’s been counting the exclamation marks?)

And….. the point of this post……. Not that you must wear something new every day or eat a fancy breakfast but………. when time and other resources allow do something slightly special (wow – we’re now using alliteration) to make ‘just another day’ one to remember!


16 thoughts on “Just another day

  1. IKEA are the epitome of evil with their giant supermarket stores with sheep herding shops and refusal to produce a website of merit.
    I’m afraid I think you just failed your first rule.

    • We are afraid to say we disagree – Ikea is a homeware store, it does have a food shop but we went nowhere near this. This project is about food shopping and everyone is allowed a guilty pleasure now and again 🙂

      • I agree with you teampugh!! The entire blog is about shopping locally to support your local food producers and we LOVE a bit of ikea every now and again!! X

  2. Surely Bob-lad is having a larf with you ? Nowt wrong with Ikea (Im just gutted our ‘local’ one is so far away). Well done for resisting theit food (Swedish meatballs etc). :o)

  3. I also feel you have failed, Ikea is a multinational furniture supermarket selling goods from low paid workers in third world counties which squeezes out independent local business.

    • We are sorry you feel we have failed – but to us this challenge is all about food shopping. It is our journey as a family to see if it is possible for us to save money by shopping for food locally – nothing more nothing less. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

  4. I say ‘your blog, your rules’. As long as you didn’t use the supermarket / food store in IKEA then you’re fine! Love the blog 🙂 Yesterday’s blog was inspirational. x

  5. I agree with you, the danger of keeping things for best is that you run the risk of a “good enough” time never arriving. I used to process the stock at a charity shop and I can tell you there is nothing sadder than seeing the beautifully preserved, but never used, contents of a house arrive. Suits, dresses, crockery, kept in perfect condition but never used for their intended purpose – everyday life.

    • This sounds really sad and is a total advert for using your best things 🙂 your so right about the ‘good enough times’ – everyday should be good enough. Thank you so much for reading and sharing this wisdom

  6. I would doubt that Ikea squeezes out local business. They sell mass produced inexpensive furniture much welcomed by those who are unable to afford the bespoke furniture made by local craftsman. Those who can afford handmade furniture buy it – those who can’t do without or buy from Ikea, B & Q, Homebase etc. There is NO ‘squeezing out’ of a local business when the buyer wouldn’t be able to afford to purchase the goods from that business in the first place.

    • 🙂 and…… at the end of the day we only purchased a candle, some blankets and some plugs to keep Lizzie safe so…….. we aren’t failures as our wee one is safe, our living room smells divine and a few folk will be getting the gift of a quillow 😉 xx

  7. Nothing wrong with a bit of Ikea now and then; as LGino says “your blog, your rules”. As some followers should remember, it’s up to you to decide what’s right so keep up the good work xx

  8. Just because you’ve taken a stance and decided to support local businesses, and buy all your food locally, does not mean you cannot use ANY mulit-national chains! That would rule out B&Q, mothercare, M&S, most clothes stores… I challenge anyone to live without using a chain/corporate organisation in this day and age.
    Remember, your blog, your rules.
    And you are doing WAY more than most to support local food producers.
    You are an inspiration. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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