A frequently asked question!

So as with everything in life there seems to be a few frequently asked questions about our year without supermarkets!

money week 2 shopQuestion number 1 – isn’t it more expensive……. Well our answer to this is no! In fact when Becksie first suggested the idea this was indeed Ian’s first question – we hope if you are a regular reader you have got the drift that for us this seems to be working.

We really feel like we have cracked this supermarket less eating on a budget and if anything its getting a little too easy! We are eating really well, our diet is great, our freezer is full and we have a full pantry and feel very happy. So……. we have been thinking in order for this to stay a challenge we must add some extra elements!

This brings us to our second most frequently asked question……… ‘Does your £50 per week budget include cleaning products?’

50 quid

Currently the answer is no our £50 is just for food! Don’t fear though the cleaning stuff doesn’t come from a supermarket but as with our other shopping either the market or mostly our local independent household shop!

'Home  brew' cleaner

‘Home brew’ cleaner


Now since starting this we really have scaled back the cleaning products we buy! Don’t worry we haven’t stopped cleaning we’ve just reassessed what we actually need to use! Both Ian and Becksie used to love flash wipes but…. since going supermarket free we’ve realised that a good old fashioned cloth and our homemade spray do the job without the waste! So now….. We only buy – washing up liquid, loo roll, loo cleaner, disinfectant (we’re still on the bottle we bought for 50p in October), washing liquid, fabric softener! So……. The big announcement is from this day forth our cleaning products will be included in our £50 per week budget!

cleaning 1

There is not really much more we can say apart from we are not worried and are confident we will still save money!

Oh and before you ask cat food, nappies, wet-wipes, shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant aren’t included in the £50 but…… Perhaps we can aim to include them to!

Happy Thursday folk!


14 thoughts on “A frequently asked question!

  1. I look forward to hearing about your next part of the challenge! Reading your blog has certainly made us think more about what we are actually buying! I would love to get some tips on how to make your own cleaning products so I can give this a try too.

  2. Awesome post, glad to see it is working dor you. Although I will say this blog could seem a lot more credible if you didn’t use ellipses and exclamation marks in every sentence.

  3. Proud to say our wee family have been inspired and gone a week without going to the supermarkets (unless you include when i called into Sainsburys to use the loo… but I bought nothing, honest). As we are a similar sized family we have taken your lead and put a £50 cap on our weekly spend too 🙂 Keep up the inspirational posts 😀

    • Hiya, we didn’t mention alcohol as we are not really big drinkers so……. we only buy the odd bottle of wine or a few beers(not from the supermarket) as and when so its not included in our £50 but we could include it as we spend so little on it

  4. Great decision re the cleaning products, once you start looking at the nasties that are in them its really very worrying. A fabulous source book (that Ive been singing the prases of for years) for cleaning products, remedies, recipies and gardening bits etc is the Readers Digest Hints and Tips from Times Past – I LOVE this book and its well worth checking out. Good luck with your new challenge (Im you will rise to it without any problems at all). :o)

  5. We have also scaled back the cleaning products that we buy. I make my own surface cleaner and other items after getting a book with “recipes” makes a difference to the bank balance and they are a lot more “natural” than many that we have bought in the past.

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