Vintage Crockery

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There is just something about vintage crockery that makes Becksie’s heart warm and fuzzy (Lizzie, fabric, kittens, fresh fruit, warm bread and Ian also have the same effect (this list is in no particular order – honest))!


crockery 13She can’t help it – old cooking bowls, old jugs, old gravy boats, old plates and…….. old teacups! Now we’re sure this post will split our readers – some of you will be now be feeling warm and fuzzy (and a little excited) at the mere thought of what the rest of this post will bring and others will be thinking BORING!! Apologies to those readers in camp number 2 but……. go on dare yourself to enjoy it 😉

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If you’re a camp two person you’re possibly wondering why Becksie and the camp one folk get so excited, well here are three reasons from Becksie:

  1. They have a history – it amazes Becksie to look at an old plate or tea cup and think about all of it’s social history – she wonders how many special events it’s been used at and if it could talk what stories it could tell (and if it’s a family piece this charm is even more exciting)  – camp ones are nodding, camp twos are shaking their heads.
  2. They are (in Becksie’s) opinion just more beautiful than their modern counterparts – not to say that modern crocks aren’t lovely but in Becksie’s mind its simply not their time yet – they too will one day be old and will hopefully be Lizzie’s (or Lizzie’s children’s) generations treasures to enjoy.
  3. They have stood the test of time!


crockery 10So camp one people where is this post going? Well……. if your partial to a good bit of vintage crockery like Becksie you will possibly have the same problem Becksie has! This problem is that once you have a certain amount of old crockery you can’t keep buying it as it is useless (you can for example only drink out of one lovely teacup at a time and lets face it whilst it’s all very lovely what you actually want is a mug of tea)! So this post aims to give you a few ideas of alternative uses for all things vintage crockery. It is by no means a definitive list and we are hoping that camp one readers (and even better camp two readers) will leave us comments with extra ideas. So here we go:

  1. Use them for their original purpose – it may not surprise you to know that quite a while a go Ian and Becksie ditched all their modern plates and replaced them with crocks of yesteryear! This also creates a very exciting game whilst looking in charity shops, vintage markets and the like – trust us it’s VERY exciting when you find a brother or sister for your dinner service lurking on a vintage market stall!crockery 12
  2. Occasionally bake a lovely cake (using an old bowl – they taste better) and have tea and cakes using lovely old plates and tea cups (we know you want a mug of tea but you can have two teacups occasionally)!

    hot chocolate ad biscuits work equally as well!

    hot chocolate ad biscuits work equally as well!

  3. Collect mismatched items and use at a party, a dinner party or wedding (we did this for our wedding and it was sooooooooooooo much fun collecting the stuff)

    Photo Sara Juliet photography

    Photo Sara Juliet photography

  4. Make a no sew pin cushion from an old tea cup!crockery 1
  5. Place a small candle in an old tea cup and use it (it looks so beautiful)
  6. Get some oasis and do a flower arrangement in a piece of old crockery
  7. Pick a plate you really love and set yourself the challenge to collect the whole dinner service

    we are collecting these

    we are collecting these

  8. Bake cakes for a friend and give them to them on a beautiful plate with a message saying ‘please keep the plate and enjoy’
  9. Bake cakes for a friend and give them to them on a beautiful plate with a message saying ‘please make some more cakes, place on this plate and pass onto another of your friends’
  10. Bake cakes for a friend and give them to them on a beautiful plate with a message saying ‘keep this plate and at some point return it to me with some homemade treats on – I will then do the same’ sort of like a cake plate friends
  11. Repeat 8, 9, 10 but with a home cooked dinner instead of cake
  12. Repeat 8, 9, 10 but replace a plate with an oven proof dish and fill with a family meal
  13. Follow Lizzie’s lead and make a ‘magic cake plate’ (a great little earner for kids and…… grown ups)
  14. Get an old mixing bowl and fill with the ingredients (all packaged beautifully) to make something yummy (like an Aunty Kath’s fruitcake or Vicki’s gingerbread) and give the whole thing as a gift
  15. This one is painful……. Smash up the old crockery and make a mosaic – Camp twos are laughing (that is if they’ve read this far) camp ones are wincing!
  16. Grow salad seeds on the windowsill in old pots and panscrockery 4
  17. Grow celery babies in them (just save the very end from your celery, place in water, change the water ever few days and celery babies will grow).crockery 7
  18. Make a cake stand by stacking crockery (for a temporary one stack for a more permanent one glue into place)
  19. Use vintage crocs to store your washing up cloths / soap in
  20. Use vintage crocs on a dressing table
  21. Tea cup phone holder????
  22. Use old cups as measuring vessels or scoops in flour etc
  23. Some clever folk (Becksie not being one) turn old crocs into jewellery, light fixtures and more
  24. Fill old crockery with birdseed and place on the lawn (remove before mowing hehe) or on a bird table
  25. Smash it into largish pieces and glue to magnets – beautiful fridge magnets – not even camp two folk can deny that vintage crockery magnets aren’t useful!

So there you have it – What a load of old crocs!!


14 thoughts on “Vintage Crockery

  1. I am most definitely camp 1 and you have given me lots more excuses to keep on buying up beautiful bits! Thankyou-hubby WILL be pleased… 🙂

  2. I LOVE the plate idea of bake a cake put it on said plate and give it to a friend which friend returns in time with another cake on. Lets start this between us? X

  3. Camp one- definitely feeling warm and fuzzy! I collect this (though I haven’t paid that much for it!)
    I like the cake plate idea too. And I’ve been looking out for plates that the husband (who also has a penchant for Willow pattern crockery) will like to augment/replace our rather battered plain white Ikea stuff.

    Candles/gel air fresheners/small spring bulbs in teacups make good presents too.

  4. Would love to have lots of old crocks, but unortunatley havent, tho I do collect plate with prints of Castles on them (like the blue one youve shown). I have about 20 or so in different prints and colours and they were hung on the wall (till we got the Welsh dresser and had to move them). :o)

  5. What a great post! I love vintage crockery too, and often use one of my gran’s old saucers to put my biscuits on when I have a tea break. Somehow it makes them taste better 🙂

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