A multi-location shop!

So this week’s shopping was a multi-location extravaganza! Mainly because we tied it in with other outings!

shopping week 16 (2)

The first leg was done on Becksie’s way home from the Denman College, and saw her stop at Millets Farm to pick up more frozen peas (now we have them again we just can’t stop eating them!) and to get some walnut oil and spelt flour to recreate the yummy bread she had made earlier in the morning! A few other bits and bobs took shopping part 1 to £16.65!

shopping week 16 (1)


The next leg took place today, Becksie was off to Cirencester for a bit of business and called in at a very nice Grocer that we know of!

shopping week 16 (4)Now what was most exciting about this particular grocer was that they gave us an itemised receipt, complete with the weights of what we had bought and everything!! And so………… we have popped onto a popular supermarket comparison site and….. we were more than pleasantly surprised!! Whilst we knew we were saving money it was great to see it in black (or rather grey) and white!! Our total spend in the grocers was £17.68, and the supermarket comparison…………….

shopping week 16 5

So Tesco were the cheapest but….. we were Sainsbury’s shoppers so we’ve saved£9.91 by going local

 The final stop on the mystery tour saw Becksie pop into the deli in Faringdon on her way home, where she had a lovely chat and picked up some reduced butter, a massive block of Cornish yarg (yum) and a few other bits, all for the princely sum of £6.60!!

shopping week 16 (3)

All in all a very good if fragmented week’s shopping! We did not get any more meat this week as we still seem to have a freezer full, but with a total cost of £40.93 for the week we certainly could have got some if we needed to!!

This weeks shop brings our total savings since starting our year without supermarkets to £191.96 and we have not broken any of our rules and have most certainly stuck to our £50 per week budget!


18 thoughts on “A multi-location shop!

  1. Good work, great to see the comparison. If I lived near more independent retailers I would totally do this challenge! For now, i’ll ahve to suffice with trekking to a farmers market on Saturdays!

    • Thank you – its funny how beautiful the weekly shop looks on the table – its interesting how doing this challenge has changed what we buy and the ‘packaged food’ purchases are now a very small part of our diet. Defo will stay supermarket free

  2. Wow, brilliant shop this week. Im loving the fact that you can get frozen peas and corn from your Farm shop. Thats fab. How impressive to be able to compare your shopping online and see just how huge your savings are.
    Im sure youve been asked too many times to recall, but what are you going to spend the savings you are making on?

    • Its fab how much cheaper (and fresher it is) – the budget thing is really easy – the secret to our success is cooking everything from scratch – we buy a very tiny amount of processed food – give it a go – we used to spend £80 a week and our average spend is now £38 -very possible 🙂

      • We already cooked nearly everything from scratch (inc. bread) so not sure we are going to save much but at least it will be nicer! Also not sure our greengrocer is cheaper than supermarket.

        Would love to see what meals you are eating again..I know you’ve done it before but I like reading about what people eat and I think it really helps others to see what you can do with what you buy.

      • Will try would love to be £50 a week but that includes milk, household and 3kids.

        We have veg box from dairy and tend to shop between lidls and aldis for fruit and veg.

        I do cook from scratch but have odd lazy night 2/7.

        I need to find good greengrocer, trying new butcher next week.

  3. Can I champion another fantastic farmshop near Banbury – Wykham Park. They do frozen peas etc and you get to choose how many you want with a scoop, so like pick n mix for veg, which (sadly!) I think is terribly exciting!! And a lot of their meat is reared on site, some homegrown veg too and, my favourite – honey. Only 15 mins from me which is great 😄😄.

  4. have just found this, what a great inspiration thank you. Due to a change in circumstances I now need to shop locally as my only transport is a bicycle, you have just shown me what can be done thank you

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