Into the Woods!

So as you all read yesterday Becksie went off to Disney Land for the day, leaving daddy day care in charge!!

woods 2

Now Ian does’t get much day time Lizzie-sitting on his own and he was excited!! But what to do? Swimming? Playing? Chopping wood? Ok the last option was not really an option, even Ian would admit Lizzie was not yet old enough to help with that task!

Well the day started something like this. Woke up to wave Becksie off and take over Lizzie duties. Went downstairs and had some drop scones from the freezer for breakfast, Lizzie had some orange too and Ian some muesli. Switched on the radio and listen to Becksie give an interview all about our year without supermarkets (coming to a blog near you very soon), went back upstairs to play with Lizzie in her room for a while.

errrm - they didn't look as good when served up by Ian!!!!

errrm – they didn’t look as good when served up by Ian!!!!

Still no grand plan for the day, and we didn’t have to do anything amazing, and being a bit ill (man flu x a million) Ian could have just curled up by the fire, but Ian thought that a special day of babysitting deserved a special day of fun!!

woods 3

So….. a plan was formed. Behind our house runs a footpath through about 4 fields to some woods. Ever since we have lived here Ian has tried to get Becksie to walk with him to the woods. Each time it has been suggested we have not quite made it or Becksie has stealthily avoided it!! We have walked as far as we thought the woods were, but then there always seemed to be another field….perhaps they are not real….perhaps they keep moving. So armed with a sense of adventure, a papoose and coats Ian and Lizzie decided on a big little adventure to……….The Woods!!!!!!

Don't worry dear readers Lizzie is NOT wearing shorts but tights and trousers that have ridden up! Becksie did ask if Ian has put booties on to which Ian replied - 'errmm no - I held her feet to keep them warm' and ....... looked smug about it!

Don’t worry dear readers Lizzie is NOT wearing shorts but tights and trousers that have ridden up! Becksie did ask if Ian has put booties on to which Ian replied – ‘errmm no – I held her feet to keep them warm’ and ……. looked smug about it!

After choosing an appropriate outfit, which is no mean feat for Ian (Becksie normally chooses Lizzie’s outfits and leaves them for Ian to put on (Lizzie not himself)), who’s fashion sense can be a bit hit and miss (in the end the outfit he chose got the thumbs up from Becksie when she got home – that will now be all Lizzie wears when it is Ian’s turn to dress her!!) Ian then got Lizzie all strapped up and ready to go in a suitable number of layers only to discover he could not locate any gloves!! Uh oh………… he tried with Lizzie’s socks, nope. He seriously considered a pair of Lizzie’s socks as glove substitutes (going so far as picking the most glove like pattern) before noticing a whole section in the wardrobe for hats, shoes and gloves. One guess who puts Lizzie’s clothes away normally!!

And so camera in hand we headed off woodwards, both Lizzie and daddy chattering away, although Ian suspects Lizzie was saying ‘stop these boring stories dad!! The sun was shining, there was no wind, the air was fresh, it was a lovely day for a walk. There was just one problem, mud. There was a lot of mud, everywhere. Thank goodness for wellies!!

woods 4

We quickly got through the first few fields, and made it into the final field, the last one before the woods, the field we had never made it to before, the closest we had ever been, Ian excitedly told Lizzie all about it, looked and found Lizzie……………asleep.

woods 2

Now it was at this point Ian did what all dads following footpaths do, he saw something more interesting and strayed off the path and down a different track to the woods and found……. A barbed-wire fence. Hmmm perhaps the footpath is best. He found a cut through back to the path and the official entrance to the wood. He took a glorious step towards the entrance and found himself………..welly-deep in a puddle!!!! Thank goodness for wellies!!

woods 5

Once inside the woods Ian was awestruck, they were beautiful!!!! Lizzie even woke up (without too much prodding) to enjoy them – there was much oohing and aahing and dad explaining what things were and why there were so many trees on their sides. We kept going a bit further into wood number 2 and wood number 3, where we saw not only a beautiful chestnut coloured deer from the nearby stately home but also a rather large hare that we followed for a while, Lizzie oohing and pointing at as it hopped in front of us (it was at this point we realised the camera battery had died, grrr)!woods 6

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and sensing Lizzie’s waning enthusiasm Ian turned back, taking a shortcut across the fields as opposed to back through all of the wood to get a by then crying Lizzie home for some lunch. We got home, took off our coats and strapped Lizzie into her high chair, only for Becksie to pull up outside. To top off a wonderful morning she came in with some real treats for lunch, as those who read yesterday’s post will know!!!

WI 2


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  1. What a fab Dad day Lizzie had yesterday! Had me chuckling out loud reading about it all and imagining the circumstances! What a brilliant blog tonight! X

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