Ladies that Lunch!


Happy Valentines Day


Well hello blog readers – Lizzie here! As its Valentines Day I’ve agreed to write tonight’s blog post to give my mummy and daddy the night off! So… (I’ve noticed my mum does that a lot) I thought I’d a) tell you about my day and b) offer you my thoughts on this whole no supermarkets thing!!

My day goes something like this:

crumpet 9I got up and had my milk and a whole banana and one of my mummy’s crumpets! I love these but I’m not so fussed on porridge – in fact I do not see the point of porridge!! In the words of my lovely Aunty Leah – it is ‘gros da mos’! After my breakfast mummy showed me that my little boyfriend Harry had made me a Valentines card! Very exciting!

So after all this excitement we went to pick up my mate Daisy and her mummy Jenny – regular readers will know all about her as she sometimes helps out with this blog! I was very pleased to see Daisy and whilst our mummies chatted we discussed my valentines from Harry and Daisy told me all about her visit to play at Isla’s house yesterday. We then got to Oxford and went to the radio station so that my mummy could have an interview all about this no supermarket thing. It was after this that we went for our treat, a lovely lunch at Jamie’s Italian.

jamies 1

We were very grown up and both sat at the table and helped our mummies eat some bread before I tucked into the sweet potato soup my mummy had taken and Daisy tucked into some mash potato and lamb stew (don’t worry it did not contain any horse meat). We were very impressed with the service and the waiter was very very nice to us.

We then did some shopping, came home and have popped over to see Grandad Gray to keep him company while Grannie is away. He read me Peter Rabbit; I’ve has a very lovely day.


So now…… my thoughts on this whole no supermarket business! Well firstly in the days before it all began and I was very tiny I used to go with mummy and daddy to Sainsburys and I had to sit in a big plastic seat that mummy pushed around putting things in the wire cage she called a trolley – it wasn’t very interesting and there were no people to talk to. Also one time I lost one of my toys and I never got it back.  Boo for supermarkets. Nowadays when we go shopping in Faringdon I don’t even have to go in my car seat (I hate my car seat!) and the lovely marketeers and shop keepers are very lovely to me. The food we get is really tasty now and mummy and daddy tell me we are saving money with which we will go on holiday with (how very exciting)!!

horse 1

Also every time my mummy has the radio on there is this man (is it the same man each time? I can’t tell….) talking about supermarkets selling horse meat, which doesn’t seem right to me. Now I am no expert on all of this food stuff but our local butcher Pat is and he never sells horse meat, I’d have thought that if an expert like him isn’t selling it supermarkets shouldn’t do either…..


10 thoughts on “Ladies that Lunch!

  1. Hello Lizzie, it’s Archie here 😄. Your mummy and daddy are doing very well with this no supermarket thing. Well done them! My mummy is trying but isn’t as good at it. Actually, she gets a bit frustrated with me and my brother sometimes because we have some favourite things that are hard to find. I’m nearly 10 so I’ve got some bad habits (I love Frosties, shhh) but hopefully you won’t get those. And we eat loads and she can’t make enough biscuits because we eat so many. I love yogurts too and can eat a 4-pack in a day!! We’re very pleased though because your mummy and daddy have inspired her to make lots of different things. Today I had French toast for breakfast and it was YUMMY!

    I hope you have another fun day. We are going to buy some seeds and compost today so I can grow some herbs and cress.

    By the way, I like porridge but I like lots of sugar on mine which is a bit naughty really. My mummy says it’s nice made with oat milk.

    Bye for now 😄

    • Hi Archie – thank you for sending me a reply 🙂 Your mum is doing fab, my mummy told me! I think when I am your big I will also be able to eat more yogurt but…… I have overheard plans that we are going to make our own yogurt! the french toast sounds lovely (i hope it didn’t contain any horse hehe)
      Lots of love
      Lizzie xx

  2. Well done for your first post Lizzie, you have a bright future ahead of you. Did you make the yummy cake for your Mummy and Daddy too? You clever girl. :o)

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