Missing Socks!!!

So we bet you all expected a pancake post? That would be far too predictable, but if you are after a pancake recipe or two you can find them here (and here)!

As part of our mission to get more organised we have been slowly working our way through our drawers and cupboards, clearing out what we don’t need and putting things we have dumped into cupboards back in their proper place.

socks 1

We encountered a shock, however when we opened a cupboard in our bedroom and found tucked at the back……………. a large sack full of socks. Now we have never been particularly good with socks, both of our sock drawers are full of random socks which the partner of has long been lost, and Ian often goes in his drawer in a morning and finds his ‘pair’ is in fact two completely odd socks paired together, or sometimes as a real treat he finds his pair of socks is actually a triplet…..

It is probable that the washing that we are always catching up with is to blame, as socks seem to get stuck in the black hole of the laundry bin (incidentally most of Ian’s socks are black and do have holes in)! Whenever we put one batch of washing away we seem to end up with 3 or 4 odd socks, that then end up in a drawer, or a cupboard, or a bag or the wardrobe, and then with the next batch of washing we find the other half of the pair, and put it in a drawer, or a cupboard, or a bag or the wardrobe as we have by then forgotten where we put the first sock!

This socking(!) lack of organisation will just not do any more, so………..we need a cunning plan! A quick bit of brain racking came up with…………..

socks 2

A Lost Sock Station!!! Perfect for holding the lost socks until their brother or sister turned up and a doddle to make!! Here’s how…….

Take 1 board or canvas, 5 clothes pegs, some pens, some paper and some double-sided tape, a glue gun (or super glue) and some PVA glue.

First off sketch out the London underground sign with your choice of text – you can of course use any design you want!

Stick double-sided tape to one side of each peg, and then cover with paper of your choice, we coloured in plain paper in the colour of some of the lines.

socks 3

Stick the paper to the pegs and trim to fit. Get your PVA and glue the tube sign or other design onto the board or canvas.

socks 4Finish any design on the board and  with a glue gun or super glue stick the pegs onto the canvas or board in the desired place.


socks 5Voila!!!

socks 6This will look great in our utility room, now we just need Ian to actually put it up on the wall, it joins an ever increasing list of pictures etc sat waiting to be hung……………….


14 thoughts on “Missing Socks!!!

  1. I have another suggestion for you to keep your socks together through the washing and the drying. Pin them together with a safety pin! I have had good luck with this.

  2. That is a fab idea – Mr P wears white socks but they are all different brands with different logos on so need matching up with the correct partner. I keep the odd ones in the airing cupboard and then hopefully the next white wash I do they get reunited with their partners but I have a couple of odd ones that have been languishing in the airing cupboard for a couple of years – I think sometimes if Mr P gets a hole in one sock he flings that one (I know shocking when it could be used as a duster – please don’t say I should darn them as cheap socks do not darn well) and then just puts a single sock in the wash. I have tried giving him mismatched white socks and I never hear the end of it when he realises LOL!!! I think where the missing socks go is one of life’s little mysteries. Hope you get the pictures and the sock station hung soon – we have a three year waiting list for jobs like that!!!

  3. How long will they languish at the sock station before being utilised for something else? (and yes they do make great dusters, especially on a wire coat hanger to get down the back of radiators!)

  4. Or you could buy one of those mesh bags (they come in packs of 2 sizes) and put all the socks into the appropriate size and then wash.. That way the socks can’t get lost! xx

  5. I once seen a blog with a similar idea, they had a line of washing wire along the wall where they dried their laundry with a wall decal saying “No man left behind”. They hung all the single socks on the line until they found it’s pair. Genius really! You have remotivated me to actually do something about all my solo socks this weekend 🙂 thanks!

  6. I have just come across your article and blog, and have been doing a similar project myself and have managed to only go to a supermarket once every 3 weeks for the household items that I cant get at markets or the high street. But live in hope that if more people start shopping like us, the high streets will come back. Doesn’t it feel great to not be under tescos spell. I also laughed at your sock blog and for a long time have had a sock basket which is never empty, no matter how hard I try. Keep up the good work.

  7. Great idea and very creative! I don’t know why but I don’t really ever have an odd sock issue. It’s not because I’m ultra organised or anything, it’s just worked out that way!

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