Ice Ice Baby

Well yesterday we showed you what the reduced sun dried tomatoes had inspired us to do and today we will share with you what the reduced cream inspired us to do!

shopping week 15 (8)

The story goes something like this:

We are lovers of cream – for Becksie this love was learnt from her lovely late nana who whenever cream was on the table would always ensure we had lots in our bowls (especially Becksie’s cousin Joshua)! We usually buy a pot of cream per week and mostly use it in soups, sauces and on the occasional pudding! Now up until this weeks shop we have purchased our cream from the local shop and  it has been an expensive ‘necessity’! Well imagine our delight when the local farm shop had lots of the lovely stuff in their reduced section! We saw that although we didn’t really need the volume of cream we would be silly not to buy this cream as it was a) better quality and b)loads more for the money. We stood in the shop and had a debate about whether you could freeze cream and decided we should try it (we’re sure they’ll be varying opinions).  So we purchased the cream!

When we got home we did what we always do and photographed our shopping – this coincided with Grandad Gray popping over to get some car maintenance assistance from Ian. He saw the cream and we asked his views on freezing cream (cutting edge conversation I’m sure you’ll agree). It was at this point Grandad Gray said one of his most cleverest statements ………. The great guest blogger himself (hint hint hint) said…….. ‘there are loads of great ice cream recipes that you could try’! It was at this moment that Becksie got very excited! ICE CREAM!

ice cream 9


Now weirdly in the farm shop we had also had a conversation about how expensive the ice cream was and Becksie had almost treated us to a small pot but now…… we realised sat on our kitchen table was the possibility to make our own ice cream!

So we set to work! We did some research and found lots of recipes all of which required a squillion eggs! Somehow we didn’t fancy these but we did fancy the recipe that used condensed milk as the magic ingredient as guess what? Correct, we had a tin in the pantry! We also had a vanilla pod!

So here’s what you do:

ice cream 1

Get 600ml of whipping cream, a tin of condensed milk, vanilla pod and vanilla essence

ice cream 2Empty the tin and the cream into a large bowl. Scrape the seeds from the vanilla pod add a few drops of vanilla essence and……

ice cream 3whisk

ice cream 4 until the mixture is quite stiff.

Put into freezer pots!

ice cream 8We were feeling extra fancy pants so we got a few of our frozen raspberries and heated with a little sugar and water and then rippled it through some of the ice cream – we then added whole raspberries (fresh raspberries would have been better as the frozen raspberries introduced a little ice) .

ice cream 6

ice cream 7Leave in the freezer for a few hours and you will have the bestest ice cream you have ever tasted!

Oh and another great thing we were able to rinse out some of the cream pots and use these as ice cream containers!

ice cream 5AMAZING!


14 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby

  1. OMG! Have you tried it yet? I have always fancied making ice cream but it seems like such a faff without an ice cream maker. I am sooo trying this. We have enough condensed milk to feed a small army stockpiled since a slight ‘miscommunication’ between hubby and me (he wasn’t listening…) saw him buy condensed milk instead of evaporated, and it was on offer, so he bought double, when I had already taken advantage of said offer and bought some. Too much information? In short, I will be making ice cream!

  2. Woman’s Hour has a regular “how to cook the best” which has included amazing strawberry ice cream – no eggs needed just oodles of strawberries (ideal for when there is a summer glut, or you could happily have raspberries or any other fruit you like), some vanilla, lots of sugar and some cream. Well worth a search on the web.
    Hope your ice cream hits the spot.

  3. Well done Grandad Gray!

    When you’ve eaten all the raspberry, Nigella Lawson has some recipes that are just cream, icing sugar and juice, basically. Pomegranate, which is the most amazing colour, and bitter orange, which is our family favourite and if you don’t have Seville oranges (ie it’s not January) you can substitute an orange and lime combo. I’m sure you could substitute other fruits. I especially like the fact they don’t require any faffing with once they’re in the freezer- I never remember to get it out to beat again.

    I love making ice cream, and it’s a great desert to take to ‘pot luck’ or bring and share meals. You can do it in advance and people are always impressed, no matter how easy it was to make!

    My two penn’orth on freezing cream au naturel is that you can if it’s whipped first.

  4. Hi, I’m new here. I have made your lemon drizzle cake and it is now a firm family favourite. Just bought ingredients to make your icecream and as my lovely 86 year old auntie just gave me her 1970s retro orange kenwood mixer I’m going to be brave and use it to make the ice cream.
    Love your blogs. Really funny for me to be. Follower and supporter as I have worked for 19 years for a ver y upmarket supermarket. Hopefully I won’t be out of a job yet.
    I have an allotment and grow my own. I bake, sew, knit, machine knit, crotchet, embroider, batch cook and garden in general ! Phew! I don’t have time to work in an ideal world but the bills need paying. Lol.

    • Hiya
      Thanks for reading – so glad you enjoy the lemon drizzle 🙂
      Awesome re the retro orange kenwood – amazing!
      Hehe – really funny re supermarket, we wont tell them if you don’t 🙂
      Best Wishes
      Team Pugh

  5. Oh that recipe looks so easy – I always thought you had to keep bringing it out of the freezer and beating it and then refreezing which has always put me off making icecream – I think I will give this is a go as you don’t have to bother with all those steps.

  6. I can vouch for this recipie as we used to use the exact same one in the restaurant kitchens in the early 90s. It gives a fantasticly creamy finish but can be a little sweet from the condenced milk, so watch that the flavour you add dosen’t contain too much sugar!

  7. Well today I made your icecream OMG it’s so yummy! Had a problem with Flash one of our tabbies as even though it had cling film over the pot I used he went into a complete frenzy for it. I believe if he could have mugged me for it he would have. So funny seeing me try to eat my icecream with him climbing up my arm which was above my head at the time trying to keep my icecream.
    So Flash says thanks for the recipe, now can you let him know how to open the freezer!,,,

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