Ice Ice Baby

Well yesterday we showed you what the reduced sun dried tomatoes had inspired us to do and today we will share with you what the reduced cream inspired us to do!

shopping week 15 (8)

The story goes something like this:

We are lovers of cream – for Becksie this love was learnt from her lovely late nana who whenever cream was on the table would always ensure we had lots in our bowls (especially Becksie’s cousin Joshua)! We usually buy a pot of cream per week and mostly use it in soups, sauces and on the occasional pudding! Now up until this weeks shop we have purchased our cream from the local shop and  it has been an expensive ‘necessity’! Well imagine our delight when the local farm shop had lots of the lovely stuff in their reduced section! We saw that although we didn’t really need the volume of cream we would be silly not to buy this cream as it was a) better quality and b)loads more for the money. We stood in the shop and had a debate about whether you could freeze cream and decided we should try it (we’re sure they’ll be varying opinions).  So we purchased the cream!

When we got home we did what we always do and photographed our shopping – this coincided with Grandad Gray popping over to get some car maintenance assistance from Ian. He saw the cream Continue reading