Shop shop shop shop shopping!

So today Team Pugh went off for a little swim and decided to use the journey back to go and do next week’s shop! So off we went to nearby Abingdon!

shopping week 15 (4)

Firstly we visited Wells Stores and it was…….. AMAZING!

shopping week 15 (7)We treated ourselves to some lovely muesli, strong bread flour, some potatoes, a huge block of Lincolnshire poacher cheese (made where Becksie went to school), some lovely looking butter and some bargain cheese! This proved that one can still get bargains when not shopping at supermarkets – the cheese is a goats cheese coated in ash – previously £4.95 each purchased today at the bargain price of £1! Amazing!

shopping week 15 (3)

Not only were the goods amazing but the whole experience was truly fab! We were served by Katie who was really lovely and gave us recipe tips for our cheese.

The lovely Katie in action!

The lovely Katie in action!

Whilst we were in the shop we were pleasantly surprised to see a steady stream of regulars who the staff a) knew by name and b) knew what they liked to purchase!

shopping week 15 (1)This truly felt like a ‘real’ shopping experience and a million miles away from going to a supermarket. So £12.04 later we left very happy shoppers and continued our way home via Millets Farm shop!

shopping week 15 (6)Now we were quite excited to visit Millets as……… they sell frozen peas! We stocked up on frozen peas, sweetcorn, gooseberries, blackcurrants and raspberries! And……. got yet more bargains! A half price pepper, some half price tomatoes and mushrooms and ………. Lots of reduced cream!


Keep posted to find out what such a small family will do with such a huge quantity of cream!

Keep posted to find out what such a small family will do with such a huge quantity of cream!

We also got some store cupboard essentials – golden syrup, olive oil, cocoa powder! Now store cupboard ingredients are something we get asked about quite a bit and we are planning a post about them (this could be a bit dry haha – get it dry store cupboard? Oh don’t worry) but basically our thoughts go like this…..

Store cupboard ingredients are the most expensive part of not shopping in supermarkets but…. our experiment thus far is proving for us this is still cheaper! We buy a few store cupboard items every week and although they might be slightly more expensive they are much much better quality! We then use them more sparingly and enjoy them more! In fact this weeks golden syrup is actually the first time that we have paid more for a like – for – like product! In the supermarket we used to pay £1 for exactly the same pot of golden syrup that today cost us £1.79 but……. golden syrup is after all liquid gold and therefore worth every penny! On all other store cupboard ingredients we can honestly say that even though they have sometimes cost a little more the quality is far far superior! And……shopping is still cheaper as a) other things are much much cheaper and b) scratch cooking everything really does save you money.

shopping week 15 (5)So, without further ado the total for this week’s shop (including 5 store cupboard ingredients – flour, golden syrup, dried fruit, olive oil and cocoa powder and some freezer goods) is……….

£41.63 ! A total of £8.37 to add to our savings fund!

Oh and if you think from looking at the pictures that we’ve turned vegetarian this week don’t worry it’s not a reaction to horse meat gate but a decision to use some of the meat we have in the freezer – some Derek, some pheasant and some other bits and bobs!


7 thoughts on “Shop shop shop shop shopping!

  1. Well done (again!). Love love love Linconshire old poacher cheese (but not the too strong one), not sure how I missed the post about Derek, but reckon you will enjoy that meat. :o)

  2. That all looks delicious! I do like Millets Farm shop- very tempting!
    My 12 year old son and I stopped at our local farm shop after dropping youngest daughter off at (yet another!) party and bought veg, some gorgeous blood oranges, Cornish Yarg cheese (love it), cheddar and some chicken carcasses for stock (soup today!) I would say supermarket pester power has nothing on a child who likes meat and cheese in a farm shop. If I’d have let him, we’d have left with 4 different types of game to try and 3 more cheeses, but I struck a deal and we bought a small tub of olives!

    I’d be interested in a post on staples/dry goods. I get flour and sugar in bulk at the moment, but would struggle with other things around here. I also struggle with packaging. Is it better to get bulk oats in plastic from a cash and carry (not really a supermarket, right?!) or oats from Aldi, which I was very excited to find in paper bags? (I know, It doesn’t take much to make me happy!) Having watched this recently (Have your hanky ready- it’s upsetting towards the end especially) I’m leaning towards paper despite being in a supermarket…
    Must research a bulk cooperative.

  3. I am thoroughly inspired! Have just read through your entire blog during the course of today and we (myself, husband and our two sons who are 2 and nearly 5) are definitely going to start on the road towards a supermarket free life!
    We already shop a fair bit locally and are lucky to have a fabulous butcher, greengrocer and fishmonger, along with various other independent shops (delis, bakers and a wondeful cheese shop too). We also have access to a different local farmers market every weekend and quite a few farm shops, so it really shouldn’t be hard at all. The one sticking point for me at the moment, like you, is milk. We could actually get it delivered from a local dairy, who could provide butter, cream, yogurt etc too, but we only use non-homogenised milk and they don’t sell that so I am considering ordering raw milk online, which wouldn’t be local but at least it wouldn’t be from a supermarket! And I have just signed up to a campaign to legalise raw milk in Scotland so you never know, maybe one day I will be able to buy local milk too.
    Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work!

    • Wow, very impressed that you have read through it all!! So pleased that you want to take the supermarket free plunge, the benefits really are amazing! Good luck with your campaign, keep in touch and let us know how you get on!!

  4. When you eventually make it to Devizes with Daisy and her mum you must a) come on a Thursday which is market day and b) go to Planks Farm Shop which is just outside the town xx PS how’s the wounded hand?

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