Horsey Horsey don’t you stop!

horse 1So there was really only thing that we could blog about today…. The horse meat scandal!

So what are our thoughts? Well it would be a perfect time to give the supermarkets a real slating for lying etc etc but…… that’s not what we are thinking!

Our thoughts go something like this……

Horse meat is widely eaten throughout the world, and it is not yet confirmed if there is a food safety issue with any of the affected products, but it is wrong that people have been misguided about what they eat. However, if people are willing to buy these products (often believing them to be the cheapest option) then the supermarkets will continue to sell such items! These value items are sold for such small amounts it is no wonder that manufacturers are having to cut corners in order to make ends ’meat’!

shopping week 7 (1)

All we can say is that there has never been a better time to buy from your local butcher!

Firstly you support local farms and businesses and contribute to your local economy.

Secondly you deal with people who are not only highly skilled but also really care about the food they are handling

Thirdly you get to deal with real people as opposed to taking your meat from a chiller cabinet and can chat about recipe ideas and advice on how to get the best out of your meat

Fourthly, and most timely, you can see the butcher prepare, slice, mince and dice meat for you, so that you can see exactly what you are getting!!!

shopping week 7 (2)

And Fifthly (is that a word) we strongly believe it can save you money. As the meat is such good quality a little goes a long way.  Oh and it is so tasty!

£9.11 change

Why would you ever want to go anywhere else???


16 thoughts on “Horsey Horsey don’t you stop!

  1. Well said! guys had already converted me to my local butcher and supporting local shops and the difference in quality is amazing..most noticed is that there is no added water so you actually get more meat for your money, and prices were good anyway…as for cheap ready meals Ive always thought that if you couldnt buy the meat and make it cheaper yourself then it must be full of fillers and water anyway..not to mention all those chemicals and flavour enhancers to make it taste like meat!

  2. Our local butcher is a touch on the expensive side, but as they know us they tend to be a bit on the generous side. I can almost see OH’s mouth watering as he watches them slice off a wedge of steak for him ( he would rather have meat than chocolate – strange man). I totally agree with what every one is saying about supermarkets trying to cut costs and due to the relaxed European Union laws about food, Im not surprised horse meat has found its way to us. However, as Jen rightly pointed out, its widely eaten across the world, so I think it could be more the idea of eating it more than the safety issues that causes concern.

    • The point really is that this is fraud. I’m no great supporter of supermarkets, but they ordered beef from Europe and were delivered horse. Horses have no value – you can get them for a fiver. They’re being left all over the place nowadays. Having said that, I never eat those “value” products anyway as they’re created with mechanically recovered gammy bits of the animals.

      Our local butcher is superb with real meat that frequently is cheaper than those dreaded supermarkets, and always so much more flavoursome 😀

  3. Make it a mission to convert 1 supermarket shopper to your #localbutcher use the #buybritish #shoplocal. say neigh to processed food

    • Hiya – we have been really touched by all the support we have had and overwhelmed with the amount of people who have contacted us to say they are going to give supermarket free life a try after reading our blog – local local local!

  4. One of my first thoughts on the whole saga was that it will be good news for local butchers – a good one can tell you what farm the meat came from. We buy most of our meat from the local farm shop and it’s much, much nicer.

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