Shopping and a life lesson!

So here is this week’s shopping!

shopping week 14 (1)A rather tasty host of delights including some items from a lovely little Chinese food shop we have found locally! We know the items are not produced locally but don’t fear it was a local shop!

shopping week 14 (4)

So this week’s grand total spend was……… £35.55 which gives us change of £14.45! Awesome!

Blood Oranges - Becksie and Lizzie love love love them!

Blood Oranges – Becksie and Lizzie love love love them! And…….. how apt – you’ll see why in a mo!

Now as you probably already know this is our 14th week of supermarket ‘freeness’ and as good a time as any to update you on the sums! So as our budget is £50.00 per week in the 14 weeks since we began we could have sent up to £700 on our food shopping! But……… we have in fact only spent £525.48 a fantastic saving of (drum roll please) £174.52! Proof indeed that for us this whole local shopping thing is indeed really savings us money!

shopping week 14 (2)

Now for those of you who studied last weeks shopping photos really well you will have noted that we purchased avocados last week!

shopping week 14 (5)And it is because of one of these little green fellows that Becksie (and poor Aunty Leah and Lizzie) spent her afternoon in A and E! Well technically it wasn’t the fruits fault more like a moment of total stupidity on Becksie’s part! So……’s how the story went:

Becksie cuts avocado in half with a sharp knife!

Becksie stabs stone with same sharp knife!

Becksie’s aim is pants and ……. You guessed it she stabbed through the avocado and straight into her hand!

Becksie screams and shocks Lizzie who is in her highchair munching a strawberry!

Becksie goes very pale and feels very weak at the knees and bleeds more blood than a blood orange!

Becksie calls Aunty Leah who is the hero of the day and comes straight over to take Becksie off to A and E!

Becksie is checked over and has damaged the nerve in her hand and has to go to a hand appointment in a few days!



And the moral of this story?

a)      Never remove an avocado stone by trying to stab it with a shape knife – there are much safer ways including a gentle squeeze and probably some kind of kitchen gadget!

b)      Trying to eat one’s 5 a day is dangerous!

shopping week 14 (6)



12 thoughts on “Shopping and a life lesson!

  1. I heard that this was one of the most common reasons for A+E visits-may be wrong, but must be reassuring to know you are not the only one who has done it..!! Get well soon. xx

  2. Ouch! Hope the nerve damage isn’t too serious – at least the nerves are small there! Get well soon. Daisy and her mummy are back soon!


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