What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

Kevin and ET

Kevin and ET

After all these years of people pondering the classic question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, Team Pugh can reveal the answer…………………………………

The chicken!

The story goes something like this:

Becksie and Ian were busy making a Marmite cake (don’t worry more on this in a minute) when at 10.07pm Becksie got a text from her friend Sam. It said the following ‘ Hiya, Hope you and Lizzie are well. Slightly random question but are you missing Paul or Barry chicken as we have found a chicken in our garden today enjoying eating my plants and our neighbours say it’s not theirs’!

So………… Ian downed cake tools (he was doing the very important job of licking the spoon) and headed out to check on Paul and Barry! All well in the Team Pugh chicken run – phew! So we texted Sam back to say after taking an emergency register we could report our girls were fine but…….. if they still had the escaped chicken we could come over and pick her up and keep her safe from fox kind until her real owners are found!

kevin 1

Sam then called us to say that said chicken would like to come and stay at Chez Pugh so at 10.31pm Becksie headed over with the cat box to collect the chicken who we have temporarily named Kevin!

kevin 2

So Kevin arrived at her holiday inn safely and we checked her in with some complimentary pellets and hay (well she might go on ratemycoup.com hehe).

A warm(ish) welcome from Barry!

A warm(ish) welcome from Barry!

So Becksie and Ian returned to the marmite cake! And then went off to bed and when we went to feed the chickens in the morning found an egg! An actual egg! So………. what came first the chicken or the egg? The Chicken!

food waste

We will keep you posted on all things related to Kevin and if you live in Faringdon and have lost a chicken we have her and will bring her to you asap! But…………. don’t fear lovely readers if we can not find her rightful owner we will let her become a member of Team Pugh!

kevin 5

In other news the marmite cake – isn’t as it sounds a recipe for a cake containing marmite but rather a cake in the shape of a jar of marmite to celebrate the 21st birthday of Grandpa Pugh! After all he did come second in a marmite tasting contest hehe! Happy Birthday Grandpa Pugh! Ps the cake is chocolate and the lid is marzipan! Pps there is actually recipes online for marmite cakes so watch out we might just make one!

kevin 6 Ppps – don’t forget to enter the competition we launched yesterday!


11 thoughts on “What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

  1. Hi Becksie,
    I am loving the blog entry for last night – must admit it is the most random text message I have ever sent. Glad Kevin has settled into Chez Pugh safely and has made friends with Paul and Barry. He must be happy if he’s repaying your kindness in eggs. Just wanted to keep you updated. We have knocked several times on the neighbour with the chickens door and have left a note ‘we think we have your chicken….he is safe etc….etc…’ however we have had no response. It’s horrible to think someone may have dumped him – as surely he couldn’t have climbed five fences into our garden. We will keep you updated if we hear anything more. Thank you once again.

    • Hi Sam,
      Kevin is indeed a good egg haha. She seems happy enough at Chez Pugh but keep us posted if the owner does turn up!!! We still have a couple more beds in our hen house so if you find any more plodding around give us a bell 😉

  2. Agree…that label is fantastic!…but much as I love Marmite on toast as a cake ingedient definately no …along with coca cola and tomato soup cake yeergh!…I will stick with carrot and beetroot thanks!

  3. Think the Marmite cake is fab and getting a real giggle about your chickens names, reminds me of a boy calf we gave to our neighbours years ago (her mother had died) and they named him Cindy! :o)

  4. AMAZING Marmite cake!!! Can’t believe how realistic it looks and your art schools are brill Becka!
    Daisy is looking forward to seeing Kevin chicken if he is still there when we get back! Xx

  5. I got a phone call one Sunday afternoon to say 2 chickens were under a tree in a nearby lane, could I help? They turned out to be two young cockerels who had clearly been dumped. 😦
    We couldn’t keep them as one neighbour is not very impressed with our hens- a cockerel would definitely send him over the edge! They are now happy on a small holding a few miles away after being named Jack and Wills by teenage daughter. Better than Super and Dry, I suppose…

    On Friday I got approached by another mum at school who seemed a bit embarrassed, but she had a 3 year old chicken who was now by herself and circumstances meant she couldn’t get anymore at the moment, could we give her a new home? Yes please, and Dottie is now looking slightly baffled but seems happy enough in a small run inside our big run, being stared at by our assorted 8 hens!

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