A letter from a friend :)

A card from a friend 🙂

Is it just us……. or is one of the most exciting parts of the day when you get to check the post? Now this could be that you hear the post person drop the letters through your box and get to check it straight away or….. that when you return home from a busy day you get to check your front door mat or wherever your post gets left!

Now in times of yesteryear when Beckise was a full-time worker and not a stay at home mum the post checking procedure would go like this! Ian and Becksie drive up the road, park the car Becksie would run around to the back door, barge through the door, shoes off and straight to the post! Poor Ian who also likes this delight would sometimes beat Becksie to it but…. on those days she would be fairly grumpy!

letters 1

Now that Becksie is a stay at home mum the routine is slightly different – post person walks down the road, Becksie lingers weirdly in living room awaiting the sounds of post dropping on the mat! And…….. one of three things happen:

Option one:

Post person posts a ‘beautiful’ aray of supermarket advertising, promotions from baby food companies and other such rubbish that gets groaned at and is either burnt or recycled! Becksie feels disappointed!

voucher 2

Option two :

Post person posts a ‘beautiful’ aray of supermarket advertising, promotions from baby food companies and a nice bill from one company or another! Becksie feels disappointed and anger that she has to a)pay and b) sort out yet another thing!

Option three:

A flash of orange walks past our door and doesn’t stop and we get NO POST! Becksie feels rejection! Actual rejection!

So why if the above three options are so disappointing, anger inducing, job generating and rejection causing is checking the post such an exciting time? Well…….. Just sometimes the post brings with is something lovely:

A little win from the folk over at the premium bond prize generating centre! Ooooooooooo

Some good news from some company or other that they owe you money (this is rare but does happen).

week 12 (6)

Perhaps a newsletter from some group that you are part of!

A little treat that you have purchased yourself from ebay et al!

And sometimes – just sometimes the best kind of post – a parcel or package from a friend!

So where is todays blog post going?

Well firstly it’s a little encouragement post to say if you’ve agreed with our sentiments about ‘receiving post’ why not take five minutes and the price of a stamp out of your day  / wallet and send someone you know a little bit of happiness in the post! Not a text, not an email, not a tweet, not a call – a letter! We’re not saying that there is anything wrong with texts etc but nothing quite beats an actual letter / card in the post! And if you have nothing to write about you could always tell them about a little blog you read www.ayearwithoutsupermarkets.com ! Oh and be sure to let us know if you do send a letter and also if you get one back!

letter 3

Secondly this post is a self prompt to Team Pugh to send some letters!  And thirdly this post aims to launch a little competition in which the winner will receive a little letter and parcel of happiness from team Pugh! We did send out little gifts to our 100th blog follower, our 1000th twitter follower and our 100th Facebook liker but it was pointed out that whilst it was lovely to reward our lovely new followers / readers we should not forget you guys who have been followers / readers for a while!

letter 4We really appreciate all the support and lovely comments / emails that we get (one or two have even moved us to tears) and so this give away is our way of saying thank you! We’d love to send one to everyone but sadly this is not possible so here is a little competition and someone will be rewarded!

Ok……. What do you have to do to enter?

Tell someone about http://www.ayearwithoutsupermarkets.com then send us an email, write us a comment, send us a tweet or say hi on facebook and tell us who you have shared it with! We will then keep a list of all of the sharers and ………… draw one name at random out of a hat!

So tonight’s homework folks is:

a)      Send someone a little bit of happiness in the post

b)      Tell a friend (or 5000) about www.ayearwithoutsupermarkets.com – in a letter, in a text. In a tweet, by email, on the phone, on    facebook! Share share share!

c)       Email, tweet, comment, facebook us how and who you have shared it with.

d)      Have a great weekend

Ps – you have one week to enter – lines closed at midnight on 9th Feb 2012 (always wanted to say that)!


17 thoughts on “Letters!

  1. So glad it’s not just me and Ben who get wierdly excited by the post, even though it invariably contains disappointing crap and bills!!

  2. We too eagerly await the post each day always in hope of good news, a rebate, a thoughtful card, or a good wishes card; and, actually the bills so our utilities keep right on working for us. We do believe in sending cards and notes in lieu of texting or emailing or whatever is poplular in today’s world. It is so, so , so nice to be remembered or thought of with a lovely card or note. Good topic today! Stay warm, Pugh Team!

  3. I do try to send a note to my Granny and my Great Uncle every month. My Gran usually sends a letter back. Uncle Harry doesn’t, but I know he still appreciates it! I get each of the children to have a turn at sending something too, for a bit of variety!

    I really like your crossword cards- my mum would like that!Nice idea!

  4. I think my love of receiving post came from when I lived away from home for the first time at 18, the home warden use to deliver the mail to our rooms late morning so it was really exciting coming home from shift and having a little struggle to open the door as post was wedged under it. I use to love getting letters from family and friend and I would feel quite sad and alone if the door opened freely indicating ‘no mail’. So I still like to do the rush to the door to see what postie has brought and yes I get upset if he has nothing for me. Luckily Mr P isn’t bothered about getting mail so I don’t have to fight off any competition. I love to send real mail and am always making cards to send to friends and family.

    Loving your blog – this is the first time I have left a comment for you. As a crafter I usually mainly just check out craft blogs but found you accidentally via My Make Do and Mend Year – who I also found quite by accident. I’m planning a blog post to feature some other blogs (other than strictly crafty ones) on 9th Feb so will feature your blog then – hopefully I will be able to bring you some more followers.

    Karen x

  5. Still enjoy receiving a letter and thinking that someone has taken the time to sit and write it, put a stamp on and walk to the postbox instead of just pressing ‘send’. Have retweeted a recent post of yours so hope you’ll get some more followers 🙂 Have a good day!

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