A Very Pleasant Pheasant

So today has been a quiet day for Team Pugh – mainly because……Becksie has pretty much lost her voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lemon 1

Lizzie has seemed a little confused as to why her mum, who usually spends most of her day singing and chatting away with her, has been on the whole silent or whispering in a very strange way! Becksie didn’t have the energy to rig up the buggy, rug up Lizzie and walk to the pharmacy (local independent one not a pesky supermarket one) to get all the necessary pills, potions and powders to rid her of her nasty cold and throat so……. she once again turned to food and drink as a source of medicine!

The good old honey and lemon drink was drank in order to sooth the scratchy throat and careful thought was put into dinner: Now when Lizzie had croup a wee while ago some googling told us that cooking a whole chicken was the key to recovery (read about it in much more detail here) but……. we didn’t have a chicken to hand but…….. we did have a pheasant that Ian lovingly prepared last night! So Becksie set to work quite early in the day and let the whole thing cook in one part for about 3 hours! The result a healthy, super succulent, warming and hearty slow cooked pheasant! Served with fresh bread and spiced red cabbage!  So if you fancy having a go here is what you do!

pheasant 9

So at 3.45pm Becksie put the oven on at 150c!

Roughly chop a selection of good old winter veg! Here’s what we used!


Fry some bacon lardons in some oil (we used rapeseed infused with garlic – yum) in an oven proof pan and add the veg!

pheasant 2

pheasant 3

pheasant 4 Fry gently for approximately 10mins until veg start to soften.

Then add a good slosh of water,

pheasant 5a good dollop of marmalade,

pheasant 6a good dollop of mustard,

pheasant 7some sea salt, some pepper and a liberal sprinkling of dried thyme!

pheasant  8Add the whole pheasant and………. cook in an oven, checking a various points! If it is looking dry add more water.

pheasant 11

Serve and enjoy!


9 thoughts on “A Very Pleasant Pheasant

  1. Loving your “The Pughs’ canvas!! Sits very well with a certain monopoly clock…
    Not sure if it’s intentional or not, but you have said that the pheasant was severed with fresh bread and spiced red cabbage…
    You are awesome to rustle that up when you are feeling rubbish-we have had pasta most days this week!!

  2. Poor Becksie…wish you better soon..I swear by honey and lemons but being a Cookaholic it might get a dash or two of whisky!….Pheasant,..lovely…slosh of red wine…braised cabbage with cider and apple….you can see what kind of theme my cooking follows I think!

  3. Try adding some grated ginger to your honey and lemon, or you could try sage tea as well. Pour boiling water over fresh sage leaves, wait 5 mins, then remove the sage. Both are really good for sore throats (tho dont taste the most plesant.
    OR (if you are feeling really brave)….peel and onion and cut in half. Coat each cut side with brown sugar and leave overnight. Next morning, drink the onion ‘juice’.
    While I do have a Diploma oin Herbal Medicine, the above advice is not the result of a consultation, and if your condition persists, I recommend seeing your Health Professional.

  4. When Daisy’s Mummy was little I was advised by a pharmacist that honey only in hot water was best for sore throats – not a big fan of honey (I know, it’s good for so many things) but it works. Also was told by an aromatherapist that a little (a drop or two) of frankincense oil rubbed onto the throat helps – tried that too and it does (makes you smell quite nice too!)

    Get well soon xxx

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