biscuit 4

Ian loves a biscuit. Well in actual fact Ian loves a pack of biscuits. To himself. In one go. Yes Ian is in fact a biscuit fiend, who could gladly demolish one (or two given the chance) pack of ginger nuts or orange creams (or any biscuits he had in stock!)

The biscuit barrel is looking a little empty :(

The biscuit barrel is looking a little empty 😦

Ok perhaps this is an exaggeration, nowadays he is much more restrained and does watch just how many he eats but in the past he could just eat and eat and eat them! Back in our days of frequenting supermarkets we used to have this familiar conversation:

Ian “we just need to go to the biscuit aisle”

Becksie “you’ve got hundreds of biscuits”

Ian “I just need a packet of ginger nuts”

Two minutes and five or six packets of biscuits later we were ready to head to the till, usually accompanied by any of the following Ian Pugh quotes:

“Well we buy lots of fruit and you eat much more of it than I do”

“I think it is ok to spend a few pounds on biscuits”

“I don’t smoke and don’t drink that much so a biscuit addiction is not too bad a vice”

Excuses excuses. In fairness to Ian by the time we were approaching our year without supermarkets he had cut down on the biscuit intake considerably, he even gave them up for lent a few years ago to see if he could (and he managed it apart from a bite of a biscotti he had with a coffee where he completely forgot he was not supposed to)!

So when a year without supermarkets was first mooted by Becksie there was some panic by Ian as to how he would get biscuits, and  thankfully for him the long standing tradition of buying Ian biscuits for Christmas was continued this year, however as we get to the end of January, after some Christmas binging and having guest round for coffee Ian’s stocks are sad and depleted.

However….Becksie made the fatal mistake of suggesting that Ian could make his own bisuits – light bulb moment. Ian is terrible at cooking, truly terrible, but what he didn’t realise was that any idiot can make biscuits!!

Ian bakes!!!! Why the big knife to make biscuits??

Ian bakes!!!! Why the big knife to make biscuits??

And so……. His creations!!! Yes they may not look very pretty, and perhaps they could have been a little smaller but they do taste superb!! The only problem is there are just not enough of them………………

biscuit 2