Shopping time!

shopping week 13 (1)

So today was once again shopping time! Lizzie and Becksie were joined by Aunty Leah and they got some uber tasty delights!

shopping week 13 (3)

First the deli where Becksie purchased a rather large and lovely block of a good strong cheddar! As we have been having a fab aray of lovely cheeses this week Becksie fancied a good old simple cheddar! Sometimes the old classics are the best! Becksie is thinking cheese on toast!

shopping week 13 (2)

Then it was the fruit and veg stall for some colourful delights and the butchers and the local shop for milk, cream  and sugar!

So the shop weighed in at reasonable £37.06p that’s £12.94 for the piggy bank – wow!

So…….. what to have for tea?

Well a consultation with  the recipe book shelf and the fridge led to……….. a magical delight of chunky bacon lardons (a butcher bargain) and some potato, swede and egg nesty things served with some lovely fresh cabbage and some roasted tomatoes! Now this potato, swede and egg malarkey might not float everyone’s boat but it was a recommendation from HFW and is one of his 3 good things and …….. we can reveal he is right they really are an excellent match!

So here’s what you do:

125grams of swede per person

125grams of potatoes per person

30mls of milk per person

15grams of butter per person

1 egg per person

Preheat the oven to 190c

shopping week 13 (5)

Boil the potatoes and swede until soft (now HFW reckons you should do them separately but Team Pugh just  added the potatoes to the swede pan about 5 mins after they started cooking). Then mash together with the milk and butter (HFW heated the milk and butter separately but again we couldn’t be bothered).  Get an oven proof dish and make little nests of the mash mixture. Bake for 10 minutes. Take out the oven and crack an egg into the centre of each nest. Bake for a further 10 minutes until the egg white is cooked but the yolk is runny (we left Lizzie’s one a little longer until the yolk was also cooked through! Oh and to save washing up the bacon and tomatoes were also cooked in the same oven proof dish!

shopping week 13 (4)

Oh and if you want to see the proper, more sophisticated version of this recipe have a look at p162 of HFW’s Three Good Things recipe book! It’s well worth a purchase or……. a loan from the library!


6 thoughts on “Shopping time!

  1. That looks really scrumptious , and a good shopping trip too…I have just made friends with our local fruit and veg shop, didn’t need much as I still have loads from the market , but I was tempted by a lovely bottled apple juice that he stocked made just a few miles away, I told him about the shop local mission I’m on inspired by the amazing Pughs and he nearly hugged me!…went out with a juicy local apple to try….now that would’t happen in the supermarket would it!…this is such fun, Im getting to know local people and feel Im doing a little something in my community!…..a feelgood factor, recommend others give it a try even for part of their shopping.

  2. I have swede, have potaoes, have eggs, have cabbage… Guess what we’re having for tea! Thanks for the inspiration.

    And hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a few days (I found it via my make do and mend year) and am interested in how you get on. I shop and cook for my family of 5 and do make a concerted effort to avoid supermarkets. I struggle with the dried staples, so I’m trying to organise a bulk co op. I have a couple of butchers and farm shops I love, and as you’ve found they’re often cheaper than the supermarket, contrary to popular assumption. One of the butchers will often give me bits for free too- extra fat for lard (and crackling!), pigs head for brawn (not for the faint hearted but actually delicious!) and pigs trotters for HFW Chinese style spare ribs and trotters (honestly, they’re delicious too! My children’s favourite!!) They’re just delighted that somebody is taking an interest in their job.

    A book I’ve found useful (got it reduced to £2 at Burford garden Centre a few years ago, but it’s well worth looking for in your library or charity shop) is Rose Prince’s _The New English Kitchen_ It’s all British seasonal produce, with ideas for gluts and how to get the most out of everything (flavour and money- wise).

    I’m near Banbury BTW, so not too far away. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you!! the food co-op sounds like a great idea, well done!! we hope the swede and egg combo went down a treat. funnily enough someone else has recommended the same book to us – we really must try and get hold of a copy!! Let us know if you are ever in Faringdon!

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