A few things we miss….

So after our busy day yesterday we are totally tired! Life seems uber busy at the moment – tomorrow Becksie is holding a meeting to see who is interested in being part of a new hopefully fun and funky WI group in Faringdon so its once again action stations!


A gift from our friend - a subtle hint hehe

Our house is…. A mess! The washing basket is…. Full! The ironing pile is back with a vengeance! The freezer is dangerously low on batch cooked meals! There are emails and tweets we are yet to reply to! A million little jobs to do and its nearly Grandpa Pugh’s 21st birthday! But hey ho – we’ll be organised one day?! Maybe?!


So instead of tidying and cleaning and catching up we popped out to lunch (we didn’t pay so it doesn’t count hehe) and on the way we chatted about our year without supermarkets! Discussion turned to FAQ’s!! Now there are a few old chestnuts we get asked:

50 quid

A) Do household items come from your £50 budget (the answer is sometimes we buy loo roll from the £50 but other items don’t but we really don’t spend that much on them (post about this coming soon))!

B) The second most frequently asked question is ‘isn’t it more expensive’? The answer is no! Well somethings probably are but then some things are totally cheaper and…. For us on the whole it is saving us loads!

And finally the third most frequently asked question is……

C) What items do you miss from the supermarket?


Don't worry this is a photo taken before we started

Don’t worry this is a photo taken before we started

Well we’ve never been able to think of an answer – until today when Continue reading