No Pressure then!!!!

So today the morning was spent doing housework for Becksie and Lizzie and also a little trip into town to pick up a parcel from the Post Office – don’t you just hate those red cards that the post person leaves when you miss them! Grrrr! A lovely chat with the lady in the post office revealed some interesting facts! Fact number one we do indeed live very close to each other and number two some years ago a former owner of our house was a keen gardener!

In fact said owner was such a keen gardener that the garden that is now ours once won…….. drum role please…… small garden in Faringdon! At first Becksie was delighted to hear this but as she and Lizzie braved the ice rink home she was filled with a sense of sadness as………..errrmm there is NO WAY the once prize winning garden would ever in its current state win a prize!

Definitely not prize winning!!

Definitely not prize winning!!

Now Grandad Gray is in fact a professional gardener and has helped us with our garden on more than one occasion but …….. we have not yet managed to find the time (well more like the effort) that needs to be put in to maintain the garden as a place of beauty and more importantly for those on a budget…… a place of production!

Our (award winning) garden is small but is a lovely place and we are amazing at growing………………… bind weed! It is on 4 levels and has (award winning) potential! Paul and Barry occupy the lowest section, the lavender bush and overgrown roses take the next level up, the washing line the next level and  various pots of yesteryear fill the patio area!  Basically it needs us to commit to it and attempt to restore it to its former glory!

Jessica watching the roses grow before her eyes

Jessica watching the roses grow before her eyes

So we have spoken to Grandad Gray (we took over some homemade parsnip and ginger cake earlier) and he gave us some tips to help us begin! Now all we must do is commit to actually doing it! This means weeding, digging, watering……………………. We must must do this and our motivation……. FREE VERY LOCALLY PRODUCED FOOD!

garden 4

Way back when – our previous garden was more productive than said current garden!

So……. In case you have a similar gardening conundrum here’s Grandad Gray’s top tips on where to begin:

Its not too late to do winter digging. Allow your soil to be frosted and it will crumb down for a finer tilth. This will make for good germination of seeds.

Onions like a long growing season. Start from seed now in a seedpan indoors.  Onions grown from seed store a lot longer than those grown from sets.

House plants can get dusty and suffer from Winter lack of light. Put them in the shower and give them a luke warm shower for 2 minutes. It gives them a real lift.

garden 5


5 thoughts on “No Pressure then!!!!

  1. Is amazing what will grow in pots…well any containers really that come to hand…drill holes for drainage….for starting off seeds cut down a plastic bottle to fit over a yogurt pot for an instant mini greenhouse. My biggest hassle was trying to convince my moggie that freshly built and compost filled veg beds wern’t just giant litter trays especially for him!…Good luck with the Good Life!

  2. I seem to have better lkuck growing veg in pots than I do in the garden (I have clay soil), but potatoes are a really good veg to start off with as they also help break up the soil.
    The last couple of years havent been great for growing any veg in Sheffield (weather wise), Im hoping to get a decent crop this year, and am really looking forward to seeing your transformation – theres nothing quite like eating the veg minutes after you have picked it. Go Team Pugh!

    • Yes we can’t wait to taste it, just wish we didn’t have so much gardening to do first!! Food always tastes better when you have worked for it yourself!

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