A Very Icy Week 12 Shop!

week 12 (1)

So today was shopping day!! And it was extremely cold and extremely icy! And……… Our local market was well….extremely small, instead of the normal 6 – 8 stalls there was only 3! Now at first we did a little panic and thought crumbs we’re not going to pull this weeks shop off but ……. We like a challenge and after our 3 second panic we realised that the butcher, the baker, the cheese shop, the deli (who sell fruit and veggies) were all also open and……. this shop was a real test of our ability to shop locally on a budget!

week 12 (3)

So £50 in hand off we went! First stop the deli……. Butter, more amazing  dark muscavado sugar and a rainbow of vegetables!

Then the turn of the butcher – a medium chicken (looks fairly huge to us), some sausages (pork and leek and pork and black pudding) and then some very handsome looking bacon!

The Fish man provided us with some lovely smoked mackerel and the egg lady sold us some fine looking eggs!

On to the cheese shop for some colston bassett and another fancy pants cheese whose name escapes us and finally the bakers for a giant and still warm farmhouse loaf!

week 12 (4)

So we did it – we still shopped locally and we still did it all for under £50! Now it would have been cheaper if we could have got the fruit and vegetables from the market but………. they were still very reasonalbly priced and look very fresh and lovely!

Now the only one thing that is a little lacking from this week’s shop is fruit! We did get a larger than normal bunch of banana’s and we do have 1 orange, 1 pomegranate and 1 passion fruit leftover and ….. dried  / tinned fruit in the pantry and some stewed apple in the freezer but Becksie and Lizzie love fruit so this week could  pose a challenge! However I’m sure if we are inventive we will survive! And….. 5 a day fans don’t fear we have a ton of vegetables to munch through!

So that’s our snowy , limited market shop! Can’t wait to get cooking!

week 12 (2)

In other news today has been a very exciting as firstly the post lady bought us a letter from The House of Commons!

week 12 (6)When Becksie saw the envelope her first thought was ‘oh no what have we done….??’ And then ‘oooo maybe we’ve been called for Jury service?’ but then she realised it was addressed to Ian and Rebekah so she ripped it open and found a lovely letter congratulating us on our local shopping mission – amazing and a real boost that perhaps these ramblings are having an effect! Secondly today was exciting as we had a lovely lady from ITV news with us during our market shop – so watch out for a TV appearance from Team Pugh!


9 thoughts on “A Very Icy Week 12 Shop!

  1. How exciting for you! And we’ll done on keeping to your budget with such a small market. I was wondering, do you include household-type things such as washing powder in your budget? Also, not sure if you’re car people but, if so, am assuming no supermarket petrol fill-ups? Just curious (or nosey!). Keeping to my ‘local meat’ . . . lovely chicken and bacon was bought from my butcher on Monday 😃 and a delicious chicken & bacon casserole enjoyed yesterday 😃.

    • Hi Sandie! the £50 budget is for food but we spend no more than £3 a week on household products, we’ve been making our own, using less (shampoo etc). The project has made us cut back in more ways than our food. mmmm we like the sound of Chicken and bacon casserole! and no we definitely do not fill up at supermarket petrol stations – an ab solute no-no! Thank you for reading!

  2. Lovely to see you are getting recognition – seems word is getting round! Also, well done on this weeks ‘challenging’ shop, its great to see your determination. Our nearest market is in Sheffield City centre (and its pants, quite frankly), so its not really feasable for me to shop there, but I am trying to shop more locally instread of trapsing to the Supermarkets. Im really impressed at how well you are doing. Keep up the good work. :O)

    • Thank you and thank you for all of your support! Although it can be a challenge we are really enjoying it (we both love the snow anyway so are not easily put off by that)!

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