What did you have for tea last night??

dinner 5

Now last week we promised as a way to try to get ourselves ready for the meal planning task ahead that we would ……… record what we have eaten and demonstrate what we do with the food we buy! Now we have thought long and hard about how to make this post interesting as…… a simple list of what we ate might be extremely boring and also actually feels like laying ourselves on the line – like some kind of public diet! That said we know we have a healthy lifestyle and so that’s what we have done…….! If you are a nutritionist or health fanatic reading this we aren’t going to apologies but just say we try our hardest to be healthy and do all our cooking from scratch and so we’re afraid we are what we are…………a normal family! Now the other worry was of course that this post could be boring but…… a quick think through our friends and……. we do indeed have two friends who love to ask questions about what we ate! One our lovely friend Mary who’s favourite question is ‘what you having for tea tonight?’ and …. Our lovely friend Jess who likes to ask ‘what did you have for tea last night’ so…… this post is for them and the other people who have inquired and….. we will try to make it as interesting as possible!

Ok….. here goes:

shopping week 11 (2)

So last Tuesday we purchased the following –

1 Leek                                   4 Bananas                            Mustard                               Cream

Pork Pie                               Cheddar                               Brie                                        deli cheese (unknown)

5 baking potatoes          1 celeriac                             3 passion fruits                 3 Apples

5 carrots                              1 sweet potato                 1 swede                               6 sausages

1 red pepper                      broccoli                                cauliflower                         pomegranate

6 eggs                                   5 small potatoes              2 lamb chops                     Haggis

milk                                       Bread                                    avocado

We also had some leftovers including some celery, oranges, some spring onions, parsnips and potatoes from Grandad Gray (found in his garden whilst digging it over – I guess we owe him cake), store cupboard ingredients, our produce on the windowsill and the freezer!

Sorry if you are bored but to quote Mary once again ‘I’ve started so I’ll finish’ so……. We shopped last Tuesday mid morning and Lizzie and Becksie went to Aunty Leah’s for lunch so the first meal from our shop was our Tuesday night evening meal! So……(sorry we know this is dry)…

Tuesday Dinner

dinner 4

Lizzie – A roast chicken dinner we had frozen  from the chicken that fed a million the previous week.

Ian and Becksie – Jacket Potato, cheese and salad – salad was made from our windowsill grows, apple,  half an avocado, pomegranate. Dressing made from a little bit of leftover tinned peach juice, mustard, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and olive oil!

dinners 2

Wednesday Breakfast

Lizzie and Becksie toast and peanut butter (a gift Becksie got for her birthday – yummy)! Ian was in a rush so….. epic breakfast fail!

Wednesday Lunch

Lizzie – half an avocado and a banana (looks gross but actually tastes quite nice – Lizzie is a fan) and a corn cake (think rice cake made of corn)

Becksie – Toast and homemade pate (left from last week)

Wednesday Dinner

Lizzie, Becksie and Ian – sausage, mash, cauliflower and broccoli cheese, carrots and gravy! Pudding Lizzie apple! Ian and Becksie went to the cinema and little granny treated them to some popcorn!

popcorn 2

Thursday Breakfast

Ian  had yet another breakfast fail  – this theme continued all week – thank goodness he gets his lunch served for him at work every day (who said there is no such thing as a free lunch)!

Becksie and Lizzie toast and peanut butter with a banana and stewed apple!

Thursday Lunch

Lizzie – left over cauliflower and broccoli cheese and mash potato, orange

Becksie – pork pie, cheese, salad from the windowsill and passion fruit and orange

Thursday Dinner

dinner 1

Lizzie, Becksie and Ian – lamb chop cooked in a homemade blend of Moroccan style spices served with mushrooms (left from a market gift from Granny and Grandad Gray last week), prunes, couscous and a Moroccan style tomato tagine (celery, sweet potato, pepper, carrot, spring onions, prunes) – stewed apple for pudding for Lizzie. Cheese board for Becksie and Ian.

Friday Breakfast

Becksie and Lizzie – weetabix and banana

Friday Lunch

dinner 3

Lizzie and Becksie left over tagine on toast (was much much better the second day as is so often the case) Becksie slice of pork pie. Lizzie and Becksie Fresh apple.

Friday Dinner

Lizzie Becksie and Ian venison casserole (remember Derek) containing carrots, peppers, celery, parsnip, leek (only the green top bit), pearl barley served with broccoli and a jacket spud. Lizzie orange and apple for pudding. Ian and Becksie sticky toffee pudding (it did contain dates and prunes so ….. it was healthyish)

date 11

Saturday Breakfast

Lizzie, Becksie and Ian – porridge …… Lizzie still doesn’t like porridge so after 2 spat out mouthfuls we gave up and she had the last banana!

Saturday Lunch

Out at little Granny and Grandad Gray’s – so we ate their food but…….. we did take some broccoli (long story short Grandad Gray was going to make a Chinese (his speciality, guest post maybe???) and needed something green so we took the broccoli but in the end he made something else, a spicy winter soup so…… Lizzie had chicken and potato and broccoli  – we also took the rest of the sticky toffee pud! Man Alive this is Boring………….. sorry!

Sunday Breakfast

Ian – cereal (some manky leftover cereal from the supermarket days – he says they were past their best). Lizzie – Weetabix and Becksie – porridge.

Sunday Lunch

Chicken soup from the freezer – made with the bones etc of last weeks chicken!

Sunday dinner

Lizzie – a portion of chicken, veg and potato that little granny made on Sunday (she made triple the amount of Lizzie dinner so that we had two dinners to bring home with us) and some flatbread.

Becksie, Ian, Aunty Leah and Uncle Liam – Sweet Potato and Butter Bean Curry, Tumeric and sultana Rice, Some Leek, Parsnip, carrot and black onion seed bhaji’s, mango chutney and flatbreads. We were too full to have a pudding.

flatbread 7

Monday breakfast

Ian started the week once again dashing out of the house minus breakfast

Lizzie and Becksie had drop scones and passion fruit

Drop scones

Monday Lunch

Lizzie and Becksie – homemade sweet potato soup and carrs thins (becksie’s favourite cheese biscuit)

Monday Dinner

Lizzie, Becksie and Ian -Haggis, garlic potatoes, celeriac and swede mash, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli and gravy.  Orange and passion fruit with mint sugar for pudding!

So there you have it – how we used our shop and btw we still have leftovers to carry into next week!

The End

Love Team Pugh x

PS – Sorry if it was boring!




8 thoughts on “What did you have for tea last night??

  1. Hi team Pugh. I’ve just finished reading your blog since you started your supermarket free living in November! It’s taken a fair few days to get through but I’ve really enjoyed reading. You’ve certainly inspired my husband and I to try something similar. Your recipes are brilliant and I intend to use a few in our house. On the subject of meal planning. I always do it. I think for us it works well as my husband works shifts so I need to be organised an know what he’s having for tea each night! As you said In one of your posts it does reduce wastage too as I only buy exactly what I intend to use!! I look forward to the next instalment!!

    Sarah xxxx

    • Hi Sarah

      What a lovely comment – thank you so much for taking the time to read our ramblings 🙂 Please keep us posted on shopping changes in your house – its fab to know that what we are doing is having a small effect. We are excited to try our hand at meal planning but also a little nervous as we may plan a meal and then see something that takes our fancy and be disappointed with the menu option but………it’s a challenge and who knows we might save even more pennies :). Keep in touch and all the best for shopping changes. Best Wishes Team Pugh

      • Hi,

        Another new reader 🙂 Don’t be scared of the menu plan, one of the things we find most helpful about it is exactly for those days where you see what’s on the plan and think “oh”. Seeing that and knowing what you don’t want it a great way to help you to think what you do want. For example yesterday we were meant to have stirfry. In this weather, I think not. So I used the chestnuts, leek, shallot, cauliflower and mushrooms we were going to have in the stirfry and made chestnut cobbler instead. Pretty much the same ingredients but made into something totally different. As long as you have a good pantry set up it’s plain sailing. Good luck with it!

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