What did you have for tea last night??

dinner 5

Now last week we promised as a way to try to get ourselves ready for the meal planning task ahead that we would ……… record what we have eaten and demonstrate what we do with the food we buy! Now we have thought long and hard about how to make this post interesting as…… a simple list of what we ate might be extremely boring and also actually feels like laying ourselves on the line – like some kind of public diet! That said we know we have a healthy lifestyle and so that’s what we have done…….! If you are a nutritionist or health fanatic reading this we aren’t going to apologies but just say we try our hardest to be healthy and do all our cooking from scratch and so we’re afraid we are what we are…………a normal family! Now the other worry was of course that this post could be boring but…… a quick think through our friends and……. we do indeed have two friends who love to ask questions about what we ate! One our lovely friend Mary who’s favourite question is ‘what you having for tea tonight?’ and …. Our lovely friend Jess who likes to ask ‘what did you have for tea last night’ so…… this post is for them and the other people who have inquired and….. we will try to make it as interesting as possible!

Ok….. here goes:

shopping week 11 (2)

So last Tuesday we purchased the following –

1 Leek                                   4 Bananas                            Mustard                               Cream

Pork Pie                               Cheddar                               Brie                                        deli cheese (unknown)

5 baking potatoes          1 celeriac                             3 passion fruits                 3 Apples

5 carrots                              1 sweet potato                 1 swede                               6 sausages

1 red pepper                      broccoli                                cauliflower                         pomegranate

6 eggs                                   5 small potatoes              2 lamb chops                     Haggis

milk                                       Bread                                    avocado

We also had some leftovers including some celery, oranges, some spring onions, parsnips and potatoes from Grandad Gray (found in his garden whilst digging it over – I guess we owe him cake), store cupboard ingredients, our Continue reading