A Spot Of Writer’s Block………..

ideas 3So as you know we post everyday and mostly we just sit down in the evening and think of something to blog about! Now no one told us we had to post everyday but somehow it feels like a challenge within a challenge and…… we feel compelled to do so! So after a great day playing in the snow and a million rounds of our new favourite game Monopoly Deal (affectionately known as Mono Props) we enjoyed a hearty bowl of winter broth and finally settled by the fire to write the post and…………………………. we got struck with writers block! Suddenly our relaxing evening turned into a stressful time watching, ideas throwing out race against the clock (midnight is of course our deadline)!

ideas 4

Some of Team Pugh are relaxing!

We considered posting about some gifts we made at Christmas but………. this is soooo last year. We considered a sewing project but……..the thought of getting out the sewing machine seemed like a chore! A recipe…….we are full from dinner and……….no inspiration!


ideas 1 So…… we turned to the mighty Twitter and asked for suggestions! The following three suggestions came our way:

a)      Where do you buy stuff not in supermarket. Like loo roll – @travellingcoral

b)      A summary of the social, financial, environmental and general wellbeing aspects of your experience to date would be of great interest to us – @The_Goods_Shed

c)       How about cooking something as exotic as possible using local ingredients – @PamelaPalmer_

spray cleaner 4

ok…… well a) is easy peasy! Nappies, wetwipes, toothpaste, tooth brushes, deodorant and moisturiser come from our local chemist! Loo roll, washing powder, fabric softner, washing up liquid, loo cleaner and shampoo come from our local homeware store….. it’s called ‘the really useful shop’ and it is indeed ‘really useful’! We no longer buy spray cleaner and in fact purchased a 50p bottle of disinfectant before we started (but not actually from the supermarket) and we now make our own disinfectant spray (including the grease cutting element added by the citrus vinegar we made)! We are trying to not use a massive amount of products as actually we have discovered that we don’t need a million different chemical based products when old fashion remedies do actually work and……. we plan to reduce the things we use even further, good link to point B or what?

Ok ok…………………… point b) firstly we are quite tired tonight and this is such a good question we promise to give it a more detailed answer at some point but……. here are 5 impacts our project has so far had on us:

1)      We have in 11 weeks of being supermarket free saved a staggering £141.70 – so we guess this shows that financially the experiment is a winner!


2)      We have made lots and lots of new contacts and friends – both virtually and in reality so…whether its online or locally we feel we have a greater sense of community – so we guess this shows that socially the experiment is a winner!

smashing 8

3)      We have reduced our rubbish output by a huge amount – we no longer get a ton of packaging to dispose of each week and our shopping on average now only generates about 3 carrier bags (this will now be even less with Becksie’s lovely new bag) – so we guess this shows environmentally the experiment is a winner!

bag 2c

4)      We now meet the people who have produced the products we eat or at the very least have selected them for sale with a huge amount of care (our local deli lady always says ‘I won’t stock it unless it is good’) and this makes us feel good, not just at the market when we are buying our produce but everytime we look in the fridge or eat the food – so we guess this shows in terms of our general wellbeing the experiment is a winner!

'thou shalt have a fishy'

‘thou shalt have a fishy’

5)      And finally we can honestly say this project has changed our lives in an extremely positive way! And what’s even more exciting is it seems to have changed the lives of others too. We are really touched that others have started this journey and have told us we have been their inspiration. We also get some truly amazing emails, comments and tweets that show that others are changing too and this…… are a true pleasure to read!

Mrs Treadwell - demonstrates the shopping revolution!

Mrs Treadwell – demonstrates the shopping revolution!

Ok, ok, ok point c) a totally fab idea but tonight we are simply too tired to be creative but sign up for email updates as this post will soon be constructed for sure!!



4 thoughts on “A Spot Of Writer’s Block………..

  1. I find my best random ideas come just as I’m falling asleep or commuting, so now I keep a diary and/or my phone handy and jot down the ideas when they strike – it can be really great (tbh some of the ideas can be a bit rubbish too ;-D)
    You’ve inspired me to think in a much smaller scale way, and now whenever I’m out and about we pick up more from smaller shops and we slowly stopping the reliance on supermarkets too. The only trouble is living in central-ish London we don’t have lush Farmers markets and shops at reasonable prices – but we are getting there!

    • Hiya
      Thank you for your comment – we sometimes write blog posts on our blackberries which is uber helpful with time 🙂 We are both huge fans of London markets in particular Borough Market 🙂 let us know if you find any good London fooderies……… we have an idea for a London market shopping post coming soon(ish)!!! Thank you for your support.
      All the best
      Team Pugh xxx

  2. Great blog out of the air well done. All that Lizzie carrying and up and down the Cone ski-slopes did for me I fell asleep on the settee at 9.30! Unknown. As to suggestion C. I once did a chinese for Phil out of only Lincolnshire produce to prove a point to him. We had chips from local tates instead of rice and used onions, peppers (home grown in greenhouse) sliced turnip (water chestnut), pea shoots (bean sprouts) and Lincs pork.Used hp sauce and ketchup instead of soy and voile, Lincolnshire no.68 with chunky chinese chips. He had to admit ‘Foreign muck’ could be ok. Think he now likes ‘real’ Chinese!

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