Out of ‘Date’

So Christmas is now a thing of the past! Our weird tree in the loft, the tinsel has been removed, its finally sunk in that if we write the date its now 2013 not 2012! Becksie has had her birthday and Ian is back in the swing of work! BUT…….. two things today have given us a reminder of Christmas:

date 2

Number 1!

Its been snowing all day – Faringdon Alps are upon us – Now Becksie and Ian LOVE snow but today Becksie has been feeling a little ropey so Ian, having been sent home from work early had a job on trying to persuade her to go for a snow walk  before he completed the work he had bought home with him! Guess who won? Correct – Ian! So waterproofed and wrapped up we headed off for a short walk! This is Lizzie’s first proper snow fall (we’re not really counting the sprinkling we had last week)! It was a lovely walk and Becksie was glad she ventured out! Lizzie remains unconvinced but we are sure she’ll come to love it when she is a little older!

'I am closing my eyes as the snow keeps getting in them' Lizzie aged 8 months!

‘I am closing my eyes as the snow keeps getting in them’ Lizzie aged 8 months!

Number 2!

date 4

Our second reminder of Christmas is in actual fact not unique to today as…….. everytime Becksie has gone in the fridge since the end of the festive season the same thought has hit her……… ‘I must do something with those leftover dates’! Today however Becksie noticed they were really starting to lose the will to live so……….. she came up with a cunning plan! Now the plan was no mean feat as what she decided to make was some sort of sticky toffee pudding! Ok, ok she knows it’s not that difficult a task but…….. when it comes to this type of pudding Becksie faces a tough critic! Ian is in fact a bit of an expert when it comes a) Christmas pudding b) Chocolate sponge pudding c) Jam sponge pudding and d) Sticky toffee pudding as a few years back he had a job in a pudding factory!!!! So……. Becksie has never actually made a sticky toffee pudding!

date 11

So Becksie found a recipe but……… didn’t have enough dates so she made suitable amendments and also decided to add pecans to the mix (this was intended to impress Ian who rather likes a nutty pud)! So here is Becksie’s newly invented recipe (Mr. Jamie Oliver may have been the inspiration for it but………dare we say it Becksie’s was rather good so it is now ‘Becksie and Jamie’s Sticky Toffee Leftover Christmas Date (with Prunes and pecans) Pudding’! Oh and should Jamie Oliver be inspired by this Becksie will not say no to a ‘date’!!!!

Btw – Recipe disclaimer – look away now if your new year diet is still in full swing and…..well done!


125 grams of leftover dates (Jamie says 225g) but Becksie added 100grms of prunes

1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda

85grams of unsalted butter (we only buy salted so…..sorry Jamie)

170grams of caster sugar

2 large (market) eggs (Paul and Barry have forgotten that eggs are what they do)

date 3

170grams of self raising flour

¼ teaspoon of mixed spice

¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Splash of milk (Jamie wanted us to use yogurt but we argued the toss and as we didn’t have any in milk won)

For the sauce:

115grams unsalted butter (oooopppss – we really are pushing our luck hey Jamie)!

115grams light muscovado  sugar

140ml double cream

We did warn you this wasn’t a healthy recipe……….but it does serve 8 and it is a snowy Friday and……Becksie is breastfeeding!

The how:

Preheat that oven to 190c. Put the dates and prunes (or just the dates if your going with Oliver) into a bowl and add the bicarb and 200ml of boiling water!


date 5date 6Yes it looks funny (and a little horrible) but do it! Leave it stand for a few minutes to give it time to soften then drain the water and whizz up with a stick blender to a puree!

date 7Meanwhile cream the butter and sugar until pale and beat in the egg, flour, mixed spice and cinnamon. Mix well together, add the milk. Mix in the date and prune puree and pour into a ovenproof basin that’s been well greased!

date 8


date 9Now Jamie reckons it takes 35 mins but Becksie says more like 50mins but……. basically until its golden brown and a skewer comes out clean (that said Becksie left hers for 55mins as a Peppa Pig dominoes match distracted her and it was slightly too golden – oh well)! Turn out the pudding and make the sauce!

Basically melt all the ingredients together over a low heat and then pour over the top of the pudding and serve!

date 10

AMAZING! Those manky dates are now a delicious Friday night treat!

Happy weekend folks!


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  1. Wow, how clever are you – this loks very scrummy. BTW I cant help but think your por hens (Paul and Barry) might have a bit of an identity crisis – maybe they need to be called Paulette and Barinda)? Tee hee :O)

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