Out of ‘Date’

So Christmas is now a thing of the past! Our weird tree in the loft, the tinsel has been removed, its finally sunk in that if we write the date its now 2013 not 2012! Becksie has had her birthday and Ian is back in the swing of work! BUT…….. two things today have given us a reminder of Christmas:

date 2

Number 1!

Its been snowing all day – Faringdon Alps are upon us – Now Becksie and Ian LOVE snow but today Becksie has been feeling a little ropey so Ian, having been sent home from work early had a job on trying to persuade her to go for a snow walk  before he completed the work he had bought home with him! Guess who won? Correct – Ian! So waterproofed and wrapped up we headed off for a short walk! This is Lizzie’s first proper snow fall (we’re not really counting the sprinkling we had last week)! It was a lovely walk and Becksie was glad she ventured out! Lizzie remains unconvinced but we are sure she’ll come to love it when she is a little older!

'I am closing my eyes as the snow keeps getting in them' Lizzie aged 8 months!

‘I am closing my eyes as the snow keeps getting in them’ Lizzie aged 8 months!

Number 2!

date 4

Our second reminder of Christmas is in actual fact not unique to today as…….. everytime Becksie has gone in the fridge since the end of the festive season the same thought has hit her……… ‘I must do something with those leftover dates’! Today however Becksie noticed they were really starting to lose the will to live so……….. she came up with a cunning plan! Now the plan was no mean feat as what she decided to make was some sort of sticky toffee pudding! Ok, ok she knows it’s not that difficult a task but…….. when it comes to this type of pudding Becksie faces a tough critic! Ian is in fact a bit of an expert when it Continue reading