Shopping week 11 and a spot of planning!

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So today saw our eleventh weekly shop since we went supermarket cold turkey on 5th November! A quick dash to Faringdon market / deli and we had ourselves another excellent hoard of tasty treats! The market veg man was unfortunately not at the market today but a phone call from Becksie to Ian organised a dash to the covered market in Ian’s lunch hour proving that even full time workers can be local shoppers – all you need to do is be a little bit organised………..

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As you know our New Year’s resolutions was to be more organised….the ironing pile is a goner! The washing mountain is down to just a couple of loads (despite Becksie and Lizzie being away for a few days), the craft supplies are now in one place, Becksie has started to think about what clothes to send to the charity shops! Impressed!? Well these things are great but…. we still aren’t going to bed any earlier and…. washing and ironing has a strange habit of regenerating themselves! So I guess what we’re trying to say is that this organisation malarkey is an ongoing battle!

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One thing that we feel very proud of is the way that we are now really organised with our shopping and are ….saving loads, eating well and not wasting a thing! All of the things we set out to achieve when we first set our rules! Lots of people have asked how we are managing to feed ourselves on a relatively small amount of money and many of these same people have made the assumption that we sit down and carefully plan each meal so we know what to buy, however…..we have a confession… we don’t! We simply buy what we think looks most beautiful or is good value at the market or the deli and then Becksie plays her own version of ready steady cook! Of course we are influenced by recipes we have seen, conversations we have had, favourite dinners etc etc but….. we can reveal we have NEVER made a weekly meal planner in our lives! In fact until starting this blog we were actually unaware that this is what many people do. So after a few conversations, comments on the blog and tweets we were thinking that maybe we could do a blog post or two about meal planning but somehow we couldn’t find an angle as perhaps our lack of planning and flexibility is the key to our success! So… The words meal planning were written on a page of our blog ideas book and was circled a few times hoping inspiration would strike us! And then we got an email from our new friends at my make do and mend year (isn’t it funny we’ve only been in contact a short while but…the makers and menders feel like old buddies)! And would you believe the email was all about how…. we could consider doing a joint feature all about meal planning!

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So…… is the idea; we are going to work together to try to come up with some kind of meal planner in the vague hope it may help some of our readers! So, we hear you ask, why would a family of non meal planners try to do this to help other people? Well……firstly it’s a challenge (and we love a challenge), secondly we will get to spend a few hours reading recipe books and thirdly we wonder if it will help us to save even more money on our food shopping bill! Oh and ………… planning what one is going to eat for the week is extremely organised and …… this is our new year’s pledge!

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So…… in order to get our heads around this process this week we are doing an experiment that will hopefully ease us into the whole meal planning craze! It also has the added Brucey Bonus of responding to an issue we get lots of comments about! Today we did the shopping and it weighed in at a cool £47.99 (not a record saving but we got some treats including the most amazing mustard and some super scrummy lamb chops) and we are planning to record exactly what we make and eat for the coming week, a kind of reverse meal plan!!

£2.01 change!

£2.01 change!

Hopefully this will a) be interesting b) answer the comments and questions and c) help us to produce a successful meal plan! All that remains to say is keep coming back and await further progress!


4 thoughts on “Shopping week 11 and a spot of planning!

  1. Hi, I’ve been following for a few weeks now and am inspired! I have a monthly farmers market I can make, and a small organic health food shop, so I need to be fairly organised about avoiding the supermarket… Did you ever do a mean plan/ write down a plan of what you eat in a typical week? We are a couple with a 2yr old, and one to come- so I think I could really do well if I just copy 🙂 I am really impressed but how little you spend, so I’m trying to work out what I can learn from that. Do you eat lunches at home? Thank you for all your ideas! X

    • Hiya Emily
      Thank you for reading and following 🙂
      We have never written a meal plan (we do aim to one day have a go to see if it would make it even cheaper).
      Ian has a lunch at work but Lizzie and I eat at home, our best advice is to batch cook for the freezer (soup, bread, cakes, snacks) set a budget that works for you and buy what is available at the market – less is certainly more. More posts about this kind of stuff to come.

      Best Wishes xx

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