Shopping week 11 and a spot of planning!

shopping week 11 (5)

So today saw our eleventh weekly shop since we went supermarket cold turkey on 5th November! A quick dash to Faringdon market / deli and we had ourselves another excellent hoard of tasty treats! The market veg man was unfortunately not at the market today but a phone call from Becksie to Ian organised a dash to the covered market in Ian’s lunch hour proving that even full time workers can be local shoppers – all you need to do is be a little bit organised………..

shopping week 11 (2)

As you know our New Year’s resolutions was to be more organised….the ironing pile is a goner! The washing mountain is down to just a couple of loads (despite Becksie and Lizzie being away for a few days), the craft supplies are now in one place, Becksie has started to think about what clothes to send to the charity shops! Impressed!? Well these things Continue reading