A crafty craft tutorial

So just before Christmas we embarked on the great gift exchange with our friends at make do and mend and for our gift we made a quillow! Now we promised to share with you how to make one but…. Up until now we’ve been pretty pants and not done it! But fear not intrepid crafters for today is the day! The day that Lizzie and Becksie go to Jenny’s house to produce a quillow step by step tutorial!

quillow 1


Now, today we woke up to Lizzie’s first ever covering of snow and that was it Becksie made the decision that she would not drive to chez Atkinson as planned but she would walk as…. Becksie loves snow! So off she went with Lizzie and it promptly started to rain lumps of ice – oh well!

On arrival we were greeted with some brownies and a lovely homemade birthday gift (tutorial to follow) then… Quillow action commenced so here is our (Becksie and Jenny’s) step by step guide, enjoy:

To make a quillow big enough to use for little person (baby to school age). You will need Fleece 120cm long and 115cm wide and Patterned cotton fabric 160cm long and 115cm wide.

quillow 2quillow 3

So first cut out 112cm by 100cm from the patterned (cotton fabric) and then pin the fabric and the fleece right sides together and cut the fleece to the same size as patterned fabric.

quillow 4

quillow 5

Then repeat this for the pillow part of the quillow with the following measurements: 44cm by 40cm.

quillow 6

Choose which part of the fabric will become the top of the quillow (hope this makes sense we struggled to explain) – our decision was made in this instance because the fabric we were using had animal faces on so the top was obviously the way that meant the animal faces were the right way up! Once you’ve got your head around this sentence and have chosen the top of your fabric start to sew around the edge of the quillow leaving a 1cm seam allownace!

quillow 7

Go all the way around the square until you get approximately 30 cms from you start point! Leave this as a 30cm gap – so that you can……


quillow 8quillow 9Pull the fabric through the hole so that it is right side out…. But don’t pull it through just yet!

Now… Repeat the process with the pillow part but this time leave approximately 15cm gap!

Now… Trim all four corners of the quilt and pillow part – check out our demo shot!

quillow 10


Pull both pieces so the fabric is right side out………….quillow 11quillow 12

Then you need to find the centre of both pieces of fabric with the pull through hole at the top. So…. Fold the quilt part in half with the pattern sides facing and mark with a pin. Repeat with pillow part then match the two pins together with both the fleece side facing up!

quillow 13quillow 14


Sew three sides of the square so that your quillow looks as follows:

quillow 15

By doing it in this way the pull through holes will be sewed shut and look neat and tidy!

quillow 16

It is a good idea to also do a reverse stitch at the  opening part of the pillow for extra strength!

So Quillow all made…….. now how to fold it:

quillow 17

quillow 18
quillow 19quillow 21quillow 22

Thank you Mrs.A!!!!!


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  1. Fantabulous! I love mine soooo much. I made one at Christmas for a pressie for someone, but looking at this, I made it way too hard for myself! Will try again soon, the Becksie and Jenny way!

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