Chicken Chicken and more Chicken!

shopping week 10 2Now the other day with our shopping we bought a lovely large chicken from our local butcher, and Ian decided that it was……..expensive, however Becksie assured him that a) it was good value for a fresh butcher’s bird of that size and b) he should trust her more!!

In an effort to prove just how right she was Becksie decided that she would see just how many meals she could make out of this one big chicken.

chicken 1

chicken 2

So meal number 1 yesterday then was a lovely roast for Team Pugh and Grannie and Grandpa Pugh and Uncle Phil. A delicious affair with dauphinoise potatoes and a variety of veg. There were also enough leftovers to pot up 2 freezer meals for Lizzie as well – Total meal count 5 adults and 3 little person meals.

The chicken leftover from meal number 2 from the chicken!

The chicken leftover from meal number 2 from the chicken!

Tea followed with some lovely salads and chicken served up with some lovely cheese and biscuits – Total meal count 5 adults and 1 little person meal.

chicken 6

Today saw a visit from Grandma and Grandad Gray and Aunty Leah (a lovely family weekend)! For our lunch Becksie whipped up some lovely mushroom soup served with chicken and croutons fried with rosemary and a little oil. Very very tasty, all went back for seconds! Total meal count 5 Adults and 1 little person.

We even used some of the chicken cooking jelly  to fry the onions for the soup in!

We even used some of the chicken cooking jelly
to fry the onions for the soup in!


chicken 4After some relaxing, game playing and general chit chatter we had picking chicken and some lovely salads, including couscous, peaches and black pudding – a new Ian favourite!! Another 5 adult meals, we served Lizzie one of the leftover meals from yesterday’s roast as thought she would prefer this as it was a bit more hearty and couscous is messy enough for adults to eat let alone babies!!

Total count so far 20 adult meals and 5 little person meal from our super non-supermarket chicken. We also have the bones to make a tasty soup for tomorrow’s dinner, which should bring the total to 22 adult meals and 6 little person meals (plus the few bits of unauthorised pickings from certain individuals!!) Superb returns from one chicken – works out at less than 30p per person a meal!

Now we never tried this exact experiment with a supermarket chicken, however we have always tried to use a chicken to its maximum, which was usually 4 or 5 main meals, perhaps 2 packed lunches and some soup, maximum 9 total meals from a chicken – so this is proof that a) if you box clever a little food goes along way and b)as much as it pains him to say, Ian has to admit Becksie was right (once again)!!

The Poshest jelly we'll ever own!

The Poshest jelly we’ll ever own!

On a another note we have the results in from the great gold leaf jelly conundrum! Becksie was not a big fan, Ian was a lover and we asked the two granddads for a final opinion, and both were…………………………. Fans!!!!


4 thoughts on “Chicken Chicken and more Chicken!

  1. Ah, you remind us so much of us at your age (with little person in tow). Pleased to say we also still make a chicken go to its last little drop of soup. What did you do with the giblets?
    We’ll be starting our own marmalade production tonight and aiming to make sufficient for a whole year. This summer our 22 year old son came back to live so we ran out of 2012 jars in November!!
    Keep up the good work……

    • oooooooooooooo excellent re marmalade!Sounds fab! We have made pate tonight 🙂 so…… nothing wasted! Glad we are bringing back memories, please pass on any tips? Perhaps a guest blog post? Thank you for your support. All the best Team Pugh

  2. Have you read The New English Kitchen by Rose Prince? Lots of very helpful suggestions for making a roast do for many meals, plus all sorts of generally frugal, sensible and interesting advice about shopping locally and making your own. It might be right up your street 🙂

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