Week 10 shopping

shopping week 10It may or may not have escaped your notice that we have not posted about our shopping this week; this is because this week’s shopping is a bit retro for Team Pugh – by this we mean we have slipped back into our pre-ayearwithoutsupermarkets.com piecemeal shopping style – don’t worry though we have not been near a supermarket!

A variety of circumstances this week has meant that unfortunately we have ended up doing three shops for food, however we are still within the £50 budget so no rules broken!! We initially purchased food with the possibility of going away later in the week in mind (we didn’t), then we ended up inviting both Ian’s family then Beckise’s family over for dinner today and them tomorrow and realised we could do with a few more veg so…… we were back into the realms of top up shops……… not very organised, which doesn ‘t fit in well with our new year’s resolutions but as the big story this week has been about food waste perhaps we will not feel too bad that we have bought what we needed this week as circumstances have changed and not just purchased a lot of food just in case we did need it….

The first shop of the week was to buy what Ian thought we would need for the week from the covered market in Oxford one lunchtime. Writing this it occurs to Ian that perhaps the diversion from one shop per week is down to his initial solo shopping!! He did however buy some lovely veg and delicious cheeses, including a twist on a family favourite, Cornish Yarg with garlic – yummy! Total Bill £19.95.

shopping week 10 1

Shop number 2 this week was a nice local trip to the Butchers and a stop at the newsagents for some milk and cream – we really must get this milk thing sorted out! Total Bill £15.71.

shopping week 10 2

And finally shop number 3 was a little trip to our local deli for some veg and some pudding rice and amazing chocolate drops for a delightful dessert – total cost £10.60.

shopping week 10 3

That brings our final total for the week to £46.26 – not too bad for a week at home, and a glut of dinner guests!

This week has at least helped put us back on track with our shopping in terms of our shopping days, over Christmas we got out of sync a little and ended up shopping at the end of the week not the start as we had been at the start of this experiment, so a shop spread through the week and a couple of big dinners means we will be ready to do our shopping for next week in the next few days, hopefully all in one go, definitely for less than £50 and absolutely locally and not from a supermarket!


10 thoughts on “Week 10 shopping

      • I have just started to follow your blog and find it very interesting.Would it be cheating to buy my milk from the milkman.Where do you buy your washing powder,toiletories etc and are they included in your £50 budget.I too keep hens and grow my own veg.Have you heard of downthelane its a very good web site.It gives very good advice on keeping hens,growing your own veg.Keep up the good work.

      • Hiya, somehow your comment got lost in the blogasphere, so sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you for following, we don’t shop in supermarkets for anything but the £50 budget is just for food. we have made our own cleaners and so we have not spent too much on this at all, we’ve picked up our washing powder from our local household store. we’ve not heard of downthelane, will check it out!

  1. I cannot believe you only eat 4 bananas in a week-my lot of troffers eat at least 2 bunches!! Fab job again. Looks delicious. I broached Feb as supermarket free month with hubby-he rolled his eyes-I’m taking this as a yes! Not sure we could do it for £50 though…

    • hehe, feel all out of shopping sorts 🙂 we aren’t massive banana eaters – they are mainly for Lizzie – give me an apple or orange any day……. talking of oranges think i’ll go and eat one – oh and , its my turn to email – be in your inbox soon! Oh and btw good news my P key is back to normal x

  2. Just started to follow your blog and find it very interesting. From one who struggles to keep a food budget that is realistic I would be most interested to also know what you cook within your £50 limit.

  3. I reckon youve done really well to do 3 shops and still stay within budget. Shopping as and when you need to does help cut down on waste, so dont be too hard on yourself. BTW those cheeses look scrummy and that poor carrot looks a bit lonely :o)

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