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food waste 2So today’s big news story seems to be all about food waste! The statistics seem to say that people are throwing away half of their weekly shopping! These stories and the picture have today made Team Pugh hugely sad and so we guess tonight’s blog post aims to offer our two-penneth worth!

So……we firstly are ashamed to say that when Ian and Becksie were at university we were guilty of food waste crimes! This is mainly because we didn’t really think to much about it – shopping for our own food was novel and exciting and if something was past its best or we hadn’t got around to making use of it then……. It went in the bin! We then got our own flat and after the first year of university we solved our food waste issue by mostly eating in cheap pubs! We then got stick of beer and burger offers and Becksie’s passion for food was really born! Now both Ian and Becksie come from families who simply do not waste food so…. When we grew out of our student stage we tried where possible to adopt the mantra’s of both of our sets of parents. However, we did still find that when it came to doing our weekly shop we would have to ‘clear’ the fridge out before we put our ‘new’ goods in!

Our first ever egg!!

Our first ever egg!!

Then………..about 5 years ago we got our girls! Now…….a left over saggy lettuce had a purpose and the chickens would gladly munch them and turn leftovers into eggs! So…… our food waste was significantly reduced and this really got us thinking and I guess was yet another driving force behind changing the way we shop!

As we hope you all know our year without supermarkets is not a ploy to put the big 5 out of business (we know that for many supermarkets are a god send and indeed to us before about October this year they were the place to be) but more an experiment to see if altering the way we shop can have an bigger impact on our lives, finances etc etc. So where is all this leading? Well…….. we can now reveal that since starting our year without supermarkets we have not wasted any food at all! Poor Paul and Barry chicken have much less in the way of tasty treats from us but…… they still get peelings and then donations from our neighbours, friends and family, oh and…..corn and mash and pellets – so don’t feel sad for them!

So we guess you would expect us to be totally anti-supermarkets and blame them for the waste but……whilst the waste that occurs with supermarkets makes us sad what makes us even sadder is that in order for supermarket waste to happen people in the general population must think it’s ok or….not think about it at all, which may actually be worse? So I guess what we’re trying to say is we hope the ramblings we produce might make you guys, who kindly take time out of your day, start to think a little bit about what you put in your trolley (or market basket – we fully accept that market shoppers are capable of wasting food as well).

So……how can you start to make a change? Well keep posted for forth coming posts all about this subject and ask yourself if you really need to buy as much as you think you do – Four thing we’ve learnt so far are that:

  • food stretches much further than you think
  • buying less saves money
  • leftovers can be AMAZING!
  • And the most perfect looking apples are by no means the tastiest *
food waste 1

‘Perfect’ shape apples from a Team Pugh fruit bowl of yesteryear!

*this also applies to carrots, leeks, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers etc etc etc


10 thoughts on “Food Waste

    • Thank you and most excellent news!! Ian has an idea that during your no supermarket month we could try the whole buy nothing new thing for a month? What do you reckon!

  1. I think sell by dates are terrible as to many people they mean that food ‘out of date’ in some way turns to poison.
    In reality it is just a reminder as to when the food was bought.
    I think it would be much better if the date on food was known as ‘bought by’ date. This puts discretion back into the consumers mind.
    We have eyes,noses and tongues which tell us if something we bought a fortnight ago is still fit to eat.
    It is shameful that 50% of our food is dumped.
    Whilst supermarkets cannot solely be blamed for this I do think it is their fault that only ‘perfect’ fruit and veg can make it to their shelves. Perfect shape does NOT equate to perfect taste. Meat that is all red does NOT taste better. We have been manipulated into believing that only ‘perfect’ looking food is worth eating

  2. Great post, a topic I really care about!
    Good seance is all that’s needed. I hate waste and in order to help my training I have to eat the right food. So at the beginning of each week we list Every meal, including use of the leftovers. This means that we only buy what we need, eat well, cut waste and save money.
    Thank you for for the great posts 🙂

  3. Food waste really worries me. I am forever using stuff, transforming ingredients into dishes for the freezer so nothing goes off… which has the wonderful side effect that I often can just take my own ready meal out of the freezer, yum, yum.

    We run a Food Co-Op here in Bearwood, Birmingham and would love to hear from you. Maybe a guest blog on our blog?

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