The golden delights of breadcrumbs!

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Ok, ok the title sounds a little ‘dry’ (you’ll get this pun in a minute) but we will try our hardest to show why breadcrumbs are a thing of delight! So a few weeks ago Becksie made a loaf of bread, now normally when there is fresh homemade bread in the house we are more than capable of eating nearly ¾ in a single sitting! In fact this is the usual pattern and …… is why Becksie only makes bread once a week (we love bread)! But for some reason the loaf that was made a few weeks ago only got half eaten and the other half got stored and left for a few days! When we came to use it it was a little dry…… told you you’d get it!

Now in times of yesteryear we would have hot footed it to Budgens for more (and probably  spent at least  an extra £15 on a ‘top up’ shop) and the dry bread would have been slung to the chickens! Not now, what actually happened was we substituted bread for lovely corn crackers from the deli and……… got our dry loaf and grated it! Yes that’s right, can you see where this is going? Correct – we made breadcrumbs!

So breadcrumbs made we tried to think what to do with them and as we weren’t feeling all that inspired we froze them! Ok, ok breadcrumbs are a pretty boring subject, bear with us!

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Tonight we needed a quick tea so we did one of our favourite things cut up loads of veg and roasted it! About 20 mins after the vegetables had gone in Becksie realised she had failed to put the potatoes in so…… she pondered the quickest recovery route! Mash? Didn’t fancy it! Jacket spud in the microwave then a quick spin in the oven? Again didn’t cut it! Cous Cous? Had it last night! So…… this is what she did.

Slice potatoes very finely and blast in the microwave for 3 minutes, lay them in an oven proof dish then microwave some finally cut leeks for 2 minutes and mix with the potatoes. Add some crushed garlic, mustard seeds, salt, pepper , grated cheese and as much cream as your new year diet will allow. Bake for 25 minutes!

breadcrumbs 2So tea was rescued and the potatoes felt included and it was then it hit Becksie like a dry loaf around the head……this creamy potatoey leeky affair needed a crunchy topping!!!!

breadcrumbs 4So the breadcrumbs came out of the freezer and a good sprinkling was put over the dish along with a little grated cornish yarg (try to get some at your local cheese deli its AMAZING)  and placed back in the oven just long enough for Ian to get himself and Lizzie bibbed up for dinner! The dish was golden brown and a true triumph!

Cornish Yarg

Cornish Yarg

Oh and while we’re on the subject of gold food tonight we sampled some very posh jelly a friend had given us from a hamper (they somehow couldn’t face the thought of mulled wine jelly with their dinner) we opened it up to find……. It was that posh it contained gold leaf! Ian was a fan and although Becksie was impressed with the goldness of it wasn’t so keen on the taste! So the jury is out on the jelly and as Lizzie is a little too young to cast the final vote we will let Grandad Gray sample it and get back to you!

The Poshest jelly we'll ever own!

The Poshest jelly we’ll ever own!


2 thoughts on “The golden delights of breadcrumbs!

  1. Brilliant on the breadcrumb front – strangely enough I made some out of a stale loaf on Monday – I put it in the oven to toast it (while I was cooking some steak and kidney for OH) and then crushed it with a rolling pin.
    However, I was thinking about how to use the 1 remaining leek in the fridge for my tea tonight and here it is!!!! Really looking forward to this. Ive not got the cornish yarg but have got some nice white cheshire.
    Thanks for sharing :o)

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